Lake Saani


The sister in the twin lakes, across the way sits Lake Saani, it is known for being a much more bearable lake in terms of its water. Stretching out in the southeastern corner of Naakima the only time it harbors snow is in the winter months, otherwise it tends to spark brilliant greens. For this reason Saani tends to be more alive year round, becoming the home to an abundance of freshwater fish, animals and plants. The animals that live in the surrounding areas also come here to get a drink and cool off when summer rolls around. It is far more popular than its sister lake and it is also larger.

Rather then a small round pool of water, Lake Saani stretches out, sweeping down almost the entire length of Naakima's wall, it starts at the same point north as Saari, but nearly doubles in length reaching to the passage way which leads into Nidria's central territory. It is bar far the largest lake on Nidria being about 745 miles long.

Other than shear size and ability to support an abundance of life, Lake Saari holds no other significant traits. Although is clearly the superior of the twins.

The largest lake on Nidria.

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