Brisbane Valley


As you come into the western half of the north deeper into the mountains you will find a large cut out of land, surrounded by mountains and foothills much like Naakima, Brisbane valley is a place of life. Full of a combination of rocky terrain and abundant grass and streams, it is a great place for much prey to call home. Herds of elk and bison are often found gathering here to graze in the open where they may keep a good eye on their surroundings. With the comfort of being able to flee into the hills should a threat approach. Due to their abundance there is another threat to the wolves, once again mountain lions, bears and wolves all cross territory with shared hunting grounds.

Along the border of the valley there is said to be a number of caves and dens, some belonging to previous owners many of them are abandoned. But during hibernation, bears may seek out the once empty dens to reclaim them as a place to slumber and may become exceptionally aggressive depending on the time of year.

Abundant of prey

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