Giants Forest


Standing proudly in the heart of Nidria is the towering Giant’s Forest, the tops of trees gently kissing the clouds as their trunks anchor Nidria to the ancient power held by the forest. Each pine, oak, redwood, strong as though embodied by gods, go back melinia. Telling the stories of ancestors and ancient times for every nook in their armor, scratch in their bark tells of battles that came long before.

The land is sacred to the magickal being of Nidria, holding great power and might of earthen spirits to pray and practice their craft. Those who travel will feel the radiating ability held by each massive tree, the presence of the woods almost alive in the air to one’s in touch with their own magic and being. The highest of said trees being directly in the center of the forest, her tallest branch lost in the clouds as her trunk spans over hundreds of feet in width. An unknown height being achieved after Nidria knows how many eons of life she has lived. How many heros she has overlooked, how many beings she had seen grow. May all bow at her base and practice under her every-changing array of leaves.

As well as the gargantuan vegetation the forest is home to a multitude of prey and shelter. A promising ground for hunting and a source of life to all creatures.

Largest and oldest forest on Nidria

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