Founders Grove


On the western side of the central territories lives a vast and haunting forest known forever in the minds of Nidria natives as the home of the mundane. Nestled over the eastern cliff of Nidria upon the edge where the land falls to shear drop off to ragged seas below.

It is the place the Order was birthed, and the place they stake their claim. While the forest is nothing out of the ordinary, nestled throughout open rolling grass and tucked up against the face of the oceans wall it is deep within the woods that the mystery lies. On the very edge where the land meets the sea there are said to be great slabs of stone and rock, that appear to almost be remnants of old buildings if the wolves could have ever built such things. Pillars and broken walls stand, stone consumes the earth.

It's said that blood stained that rock, that the blood of the magicka has been spilled so often and in such mass number that it no longer comes loose, no matter how much rain may fall. For it's said on those very slabs of stone woven into the ground is where the Mundane hold their rituals - their sacrifices.

A dead zone for Magicka wolves. Their magick won't work here

Claimed by the order

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