Caldwell Ridge


Kissed by the ocean's sweeping tides lay the Ridge of Caldwell, while not known for her bounty of prey items or gargantuan predators, Caldwell is appreciated for her beauty. Home to a gorgeous array of wildflowers and sweet perfumes, a romantic view of the sunset over the ocean where the gulls laugh above the wolves who play below. Her perch spans far out into the ocean, one should be careful not to tumble down the side of her steep bluff. For the water below is fridged and deep, the wide expanse of rolling waves disappearing over the horizon only to brush against the lands on the other side.

One must only come to the ridge to rest upon her soft grass and bask in the cool breeze carrying the salt of the sea. For she offers nothing more to travelers than a calming place to rest their aching paws, and cleanse their stuffy senses.

Barren of prey!

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