Beartooth Plateau


Once you leave the long stretch of beach and ocean you come upon a vast plateau, a valley full of life and herds of deer and elk alike. Beartooth is a vast, expanse of open grasslands, with little to no trees, it does become a bit rocky here and there but is remains lacking in significant terrain. Making it a place that is safe for herds to call home. The area is wide and open, allowing them to keep a close eye on their surroundings and flee if necessary. Small streams weave through the grassland providing a water source and the calming sound of trickling water.

Beartooth may have an intimidating name, but it does not house the dangerous grizzlies of the northern territories, only their smaller cousins thrive here. Black bears are often found roaming about, finding sanctuary in this plentiful landscape. For the most part they do not bother the wolves, but can become protective of young, food and territory. Coyotes and foxes are also often seen here, picking off the scraps of larger predators in hopes to find something to eat. This plateau is life sustaining and also home to a number of herbs.

Currently nothing to note.

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