Moss Rock Canyon


Perhaps one of the most interesting formations within Nidria, it is a canyon made of high moss covered rocks. In total it is about a hundred meters deep and almost 2 miles long settled in the southwest of Nidria. The large walls of the canyon encase a river that flows gently to the sea, but falling from one of the cliffs could be devastating to the adventurer that steps too close to the edge. However there is another way, a way to explore within the walls of this canyon. If you travel to the opposite end there is a broad opening where the hills dip down and you can walk along the calm water in between the massive walls.

It is said to be one of the most interesting formations on this land and is believed to have been around for thousands of years. Some times prey can be found drinking from the calm waters within the canyon, but because there is no where to go once you get in they try not to spend too much time here, but rather up top. Due to the abundant humidity and moisture, it is said that rare herbs can be found deep within the canyon, some hiding beneath the stone or even growing on the walls.

May contain rare herbs

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