Oak Tree Basin


If you continue to move east from the sunflower orchard, trees again will begin to envelope the horizon. These trees seem to be ancient, up there somewhere with the trees of the giants forest, a web of large oaks whose thick branches entangle one another. Upon the surface of the bark lie dense layers of moss which blanket the trees on almost every turn, there isn't a place the moss can't reach that it doesn't. Even growing so well that strands of moss hang from most of the trees, draping down like curtains to the forest floor below making the land all the more mystical, or perhaps...eerie. The greenery creating dense walls which can make it exceptionally easy for the unknown to be lurking about.

This forest, while small is rumored to be a place of importance to Brahma himself. But the exact reason as per why remains unknown. Nidria natives warn that disrespecting the small basin can bring bad luck, even for years to come.

Old oaks with thick moss growing upon them

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