Halali‘i Lake


Considered the only other named lake besides the Twins, Halali'i resides in the south opposite of the twin lakes and is perhaps the biggest lake within Nidria. A beautiful piece of land surrounded by trees on either side all manners of wildlife may come to take a sip, or a dip, within the lake within the Spring or summer months, while in the Autumn it will be visited by rain showers and thunderstorms and in the winter it will freeze when the temperature falls to below freezing.

Towards the lower half of the lake which borders the halfmoon marsh there may be an alligator or two resting on the shores in the sun happily, while along the lake itself there are snapping turtles abound which splash throughout the depths searching for fish to feast on. Various songbirds frequent the trees which dot the land around the lake, and their songs mingle with the sway of deciduous and coniferous alike, as well as the rush of the lake's flowing currents. While a seemingly peaceful land, predators and the dangers they carry are still found here as they trace the herds who move between the coyote meadow and the upper northern terrains; coyotes, cougars, grizzlies, and all manner of large predator stalks the back and forth, using Halali'i Lake as the go between as the herds move out for the coming winter, and it is not uncommon to come face to face with one on the way.

Generally a peaceful abundant land

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