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Fall, Year 1

Season changes: Dec, 21st
Forecast: Nidria has been swept into the full force of fall; leaves scatter the forest floors.
News & Updates
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November 9th • The God of the fire affinity, Maui the Fox, has appeared on the border of Lake Saari! Because this is not in coven lands, anyone may join to greet him.

October 23rd • New regulations for Mundane have been added via your vote! Please take a look in the affinities section of the guidebook to see the updates

October 13th • The moon is full! Use this time wisely!

Sept 23 • Fall has started!

Sept 21 • The harvest festivel Lurid has begun here!

Aug 31 • We are almost there!! Once the site officially launches lots will be happening including our first SWP, so please take this time to get your bearings!

July 25 • Solanacaea is officially in a soft open!! Keep in mind this means some minor things may be unfinished or buggy so please be patient! Thank you <3

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Companion Records
Name Bonded Species Type Date Acquired Abilities
Alcatraz Ryslen Raven Male 11 September 2014
Ariel Gaius Marine Iguana Female 20 September 2019
Atarah Eileithyia Hummingbird Female 12 April 2015 Glows
Azeban Silvanus Raccoon Male 11 August 2019 Able to hide in reflective surfaces or anything similar to a mirror.
Belial Nocturne Sheep Male 15 October 2016 His eyes constantly weep with his black blood in a physical mutation that he has held since birth.
Bezalel Sonja Crow Male 11 October 2014
Ceres Fable Stripe-necked Mongoose Female 18 October 2011
Den Osirus Raccoon dog Male 20 November 2019
Elyon Ozymandias Otter Female 01 August 2019 Changes colors like a chameleon
Era Calix Ermine Female 19 July 2015
Ethio Xena Ocelot Male 11 November 2015
Facilifer Amaltheia Poodle moth Male 18 October 2015
Faramond Isias Bat Male 14 August 2015
Finnegan Täni Fennec fox Male 16 August 2019
Honey Freya Sugar glider Male 28 September 2017
Hugin & Munin Tolkien Crows Male 28 July 2019
Lennox Khionê Snowy owl Male 18 August 2016
Lucien Astarte Raven Male 18 September 2016
Morgan Eris Fruit bat Female 10 April 2016
Reeva Sohvren Cat Female 03 June 2015 Appears as a small white spectre with silver eyes, but can become corporeal for small stretches of time in the sun.
Rhea Dhara Gray fox Female 15 September 2012
Rieka Laxton Ocelot Female 02 August 2019
Vulkan Naervon Silver fox Male 17 April 2013
Xenon Juryoku Wood stork Female 15 October 2009