Affinities aka magick

  • Your characters affinity is their magick, these are elemental gifts.

  • While natives are born with their element, outsiders are blessed with their affinity the moment they step foot into Nidria, some say it is bestowed upon them, or simply awakened...either way there is certainly something special about this land….

  • The details of your characters magick is completely up to you as long as it falls within your element! This includes how strong your magic is, however keep it fair and realistic, if you're not able to manage yourselves we will take away the ability to determine your own magicks strength.

  • Each character has 4 magic abilities, one passive ability and three normal abilities. Their passive should always be active in the background without their control. (ie; plants grow where they walk, increased speed when using another ablity, passive stealth and more, be creative!)

  • The magick, connected to the land runs deep through every individual that lives on Nidria, allowing the wolves to sense the affinity of another individual to easily identify each other

  • Despite having an affinity for something, a wolf doesn't necessarily have to have any kind of ability to control said affinity. Same with the mundane. Just because you can have powers doesn't mean you have to!

The Fox Affinity ruled by fire

A purifying, masculine energy, fire is associated with the south, and is connected to strong will. Always in motion even when rooted, individuals blessed by the affinity for fire are known for their passion and strength. Fire is the bringer of warmth and life, creation, creativity and strength of will. However they are also considered reckless, cunning & dangerous, fire is often known for being one of the most deadly when unchecked, and the element commands respect from those who wield it.

Common Abilities Fire manipulation, Lava, Heat manipulation, Lightning generation & redirection, Fire absorption, Combustion inducement

The Turtle Affinity ruled by water

A receptive, feminine energy, water is associated with the west, and is connected to healing, dreams, and emotions. Those blessed with the affinity for water are often known for their peaceful, soothing & nourishing qualities. Moving easily through life, they are known for adapting to their world as it changes, taking the path of least resistance. While mostly peaceful, it is not to be underestimated, water can be powerful when manifested into biting ice, stormy seas and dangerous floods.

Common Abilities Water manipulation, Water walking, Ice manipulation, Healing water, Bubble manipulation, Vapor manipulation

The Bear Affinity ruled by earth

This is the steadfast, the solid and stable, the reliable. A receptive, feminine energy known to the be the foundation, an eternal rhythm of growth, decay and regeneration. Earth is associated with the north and is connected to diversity, strength, and structure. Those blessed with the affinity for earth are known to be dependable and protective of those they hold dear. While many bear affinities hold within their hearts the deep love for family, when crossed they earths energy has a destructive side, that may be experienced as earthquakes, avalanches & mudslides.

Common Abilities Earth manipulation, Plant manipulation, Crystal manipulation, Metal manipulation, Seismic sensing

The Owl Affinity ruled by air

Air is the manifestation of movement, the power of the mind, the force of intellect, imagination, ideas, knowledge, and dreams. It is a masculine, active energy which governs the four winds, it is often associated with the east. Ever moving and ever changing those blessed with the owl affinity are often revered for their high intelligence and divination. Those under the affinity of the owl are known to handle change well, being light on their feet, carefree and generally happy individuals. However, there is a destructive force of air that comes in the forms of high winds such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

Common Abilities Air manipulation, Cloud manipulation, Hypersensitivity, Electricity generation, Cyclone spinning, Sound amplification, Enhanced speed, Air walking

The Stag Affinity ruled by light

Light is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the eye and is responsible for the sense of sight. Stag Affinities harness the power of the properties of visible light - intensity, direction, frequency or wavelength spectrum. These properties enable Stag Affinities to change the way others perceive the world by means of sight. This affinity can change the way something appears to look by adding or retracting details, colors, textures, and shapes. They can procure imagery right out of thin air and make others see what is not truly there. Those blessed with this affinity are known to be witty, playful, or mischievous, quick to make decisions, and may keep others on their toes. The Stag Affinity can be a dangerous affinity, their visual illusions not to be taken lightly, as they can be used to confuse, corrupt or even harm others in a sickening fashion.

Common Abilities Light manipulation, Color manipulation, Vision manipulation, Visual illusions, Invisibility, Light embodiment, Projection

The Ram Affinity ruled by darkness

Darkness is the absence of light. Children of the Ram Affinity can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows by removing light from their surroundings. Accessing their dark energy can produce not only the depletion of light, but can also allow Ram Affinities to channel darkness into a variety of effects both as an absence of light and as a solid substance. This affinity can create and dispel shields, and areas of complete darkness, but they are also able to construct weaponry and creatures as well as travel and teleport through the manifestation of shadows or darkness. Shadows can be used to camouflage this affinity, and many that fall under this affinity are also equipped with night vision, and stealth. Ram Affinities can be incredibly dangerous, these creatures often adopting darker personalities and mannerisms. They can be crafty, chaotic, destructive, or even evil individuals that harbor malice or ill intentions. Be wary when encountering a Ram Affinity, as they also may hold the ability to manipulate the darkest corners inside the minds of others.

Common Abilities Shadow manipulation & Animation, Night vision, Camouflage, Shadow absorption, Fear & nightmare inducing, Shadow absorption

The Horse Affinity ruled by none

The horse affinity is singlehandedly one of the most important affinities here on Nidria. For the sole reason that they are different from all the rest. They are symbolized by the horse, their energy is power, their energy is freedom without restraint. They are commanded by no element, no god, not the puppets of an elements will but instead — masters of their own fate. Of their own minds. None dares try to tame the spirit of the horse, in the absence of the acursed magick the wolves of the horse affinity refine their skills in crafting, in study, and in herbs. They rely on none but themselves to survive, a strong people, they do not bow nor bend; and they certainly do not break.

So no magick? What makes them unique? Born without the gift of elemental magick these crafty individuals have adapted, the Mundane have resorted to other means and have created the abilities of their own through holy study & practice which rest under the following specialties (you may only choose ONE): (this means mundane also get spells which can be added into your profiles! All spells much fall under your chosen specialty)

  • Abjuration: Masters of spells which protect, block, or banish (Magical or physical barriers, magick negation or silencing, banishment, magic altering or weakening, temporary immunity etc)
  • Conjuration: Masters of spells that bring creatures or materials to the caster. (Necromancers. Summoning, reanimation, teleportation, and healing)
  • Divination: Masters of spells that reveal information. (Truth seeing, future telling, magic detection, scrying, dream walking & manipulation)
  • Mysticism: Masters of spells that create, manipulate and/or mimick objects, spirits and powers (Manipulates arcane energy, absorb magic, reflect magic, copy magic temporarily, matter manipulation, illusionary magic etc)
  • Alchemist: Masters of potion making for both good and bad. (Potions of all shapes and sizes, poisons, poison immunity)
  • Armourer: Masters of weapons and armor, able to craft the perfect weapon, these individuals are often times bound to their weapon. (Magical armor crafting, physical buffs, manipulation and control over a weapon)

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