Covens & More

Coven & Pack Creation

To maintain a fair environment, a single player may not hold anymore than TWO positions of power at one time! A leadership or second in command position would be deemed positions of power.

Covens & packs are member made, we are fairly laid back here on Sol, but we do still have a few regulations we ask you to follow.

— Please keep in mind Nidria natives call groups such as these Covens, not packs, if they were born in Nidria and have never left, they DO NOT know what packs are. This concept is very foreign to them.

In order to create a coven or pack you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be at least 2 years of age — although older is better!
  • Have at least 5 followers (excluding yourself & wolves under 6 months)
Please note if you ever drops below the 5 followers or is not proving to be active, you will be forced to disband. If you can regain activity and/or 5 followers, you are more than welcome to reapply.
  • Covens/packs may claim one territory until they exceed 20 members, than they may claim another neighboring territory.
  • Once coven/pack numbers exceed 30+ they may claim a third neighboring territory. This is max. (territories on Nidria are VERY large)
  • If you drop below the required members for 3 & 2 territories you must surrender territory accordingly. (ie; pack/coven drops below 30 members, they must surrender their third territory, pack/coven drops below 20 members they must surrender their second territory)
  • Any leader, or member from a coven or pack have the right to enter any given thread on their land, this includes ones marked as private!

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