Character creation

Profile breakdown

This brief guide will give you everything you need to know about filling out your profiles here on Sol. You will notice a good majority of the information is either minimal or not required at all. This is because while we will offer all the places to store information about your characters, we encourage organic IC interactions. This means secrets of ones past, and personality if so desired can be hidden from OOC eyes only to be found out IC. Here at Solanacaea we feel this gives the players a unique opportunity to truly interact blind — just as you or I might until we got to know one another.


All accounts should be your characters first name, full names may be added to your profiles.

Birth season:

The season your character is born, this may not be changed & will decide when your character ages up


Native or outsider. Whether your character was born & grew up on site or was born elsewhere. If they are native it is natural they have grown up with the customs & beliefs on Nidria & if they are an outsider they may have very different beliefs & it is expected they know nothing about how the natives on Nidria live & function.


The one element their powers will revolve around. You may only choose one, this will be chosen in your audition & added to your profile by staff. Your affinity CANNOT be changed once accepted. Please see the affinity (click!) section of the guidebook for more details!

Sex & Gender

  • Male
  • Female
  • Non-conforming X (Non-conforming, Female biologically)
  • Non-conforming Y (Non-conforming, Male biologically)
  • Non-conforming (Infertile)



Age: 0 - 12 months
Mentally: 0 - 12 years


Age: 1 - 4 years
Mentally: 13 - 20 years

Young adults

Age: 4 - 8 years
Mentally: 21 - 30 years


Age: 8 - 14 years
Mentally: 31 - 50 years


Age: 14 - 20 years
Mentally: 51 - 80 years

Foster pups!

Anyone may make a foster pup as long as there is not a current ban in place, however you must find a guardian BEFORE you audition your character. Players may have no more than 2 characters under 6 months of age!
  • Pups under 6 months without an active guardian! Once a guardian goes inactive for 2 months, the user playing them will be notified that they need to find a new guardian within two weeks or the account for the pup will be moved to inactive. The pup can be re-auditioned once they are either older than 6 months or find a new guardian.


Extra small

Height: 1' - 2'
Weight: 45 lbs and under


Height: 2' - 3'
Weight: 45 - 80 lbs


Height: 4' - 5'
Weight: 80 - 150 lbs


Height: 5' - 6'
Weight: 130 - 180 lbs

Extra Large

Height: 6' - 7'
Weight: 170 - 280 lbs

Appearance & designs

Appearances are very open base here on Solanacaea, you may have any color, marking, mutations you’d like with no purchase necessary as long as your character falls within the limitations of nature & still looks to be canine/wolf. The wolves here on Solanacaea are very much mortal, bound by physical restrictions. This means we restrict mutations that would limit survival, such as a skull for a head, vital exposed bones (such as a skull), missing organs or zombie like rot. Please ask a staff member if you are unsure if your mutation would be allowed, as it may differ in case-by-case situations.
  • Birth defects such as albinism & melanism are free to make as long as there is not an active ban in place. You may check the auditions board for current bans
  • Please supply a reference OR a 200 word description. While we encourage you expand beyond this, it is not required.


We require at least 5 key personality traits for each character. We encourage you to expand past these, but it’s not required.


This is not a required field, while characters do need to have a history, you are not required to share the details of this and may leave it up to be IC determined only.


All characters with an elemental affinity (this means no mundane!) have the right to a familiar, see more details about this on the familiar portion of the guidebook.


This is where you may store all the details about your characters abilities. While primarily optional in order to fight with magick you must have these filled out BEFORE you enter a fight! Characters may only have 4 abilities in total! Although you are allowed to forget old abilities to learn new ones! But this means you will no longer be able to perform the one given up. Keep in mind tampering with magick abilities, and strengths directly before or during a fight is strictly forbidden.

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