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Familiars are small sentient animal companions...or so it may seem. The creatures, are said to be spirits or demons that take the shape of an animal so that they may aid the wolf they so choose to bond with, they will bond with any affinity except for the horse. Some wolves may view their familiars as lesser than them, while others may view as equals. Despite how the wolf may feel about their familiar, these subserviant creatures typically bond closely with their chosen wolves and may not take on another master, nor seek out the companionship of other animals. These spirits originate from a realm outside of Nidria, passing into the mortal realm as they see fit to seek out their wolf which allows these creatures to come in all shapes and sizes and take on forms of animals that may not be native to the climates or land of Nidria. Your average familiar may be any animal smaller than the wolf of which they serve, some familiar spirits choose to split themselves in two taking on the same species and becoming two halves of one whole. Some of them even take on a form similar to their true one taking the shape of spectres and their spirits may even be placed into items and carried with wolves. The only forms familiars may not take is that of mythical or extinct creatures. Due to the close bond familiars share with their wolves they may speak telepathically with each other & may also speak to other wolves through common spoken tongue.

Wolves may obtain a familiar at any point in their life. To do so IC all one needs to do is thread their character going and bonding with their chosen familiars. Some wolves may choose not to partner with a familiar at all, the occurance is rare, but not often is it looked down on by others. In the unfortunate even that a familiar should die the wolf whom it is bonded to may experience a great pain, as if they are losing a piece of themselves. Currently, a wolf may not obtain another familiar once theirs perishes.

Rare familiars

Rare familiars are the animals that are larger than average, this encompasses all large birds of prey, big cats, other large predators, deer, large snakes & more. Rare familiars under any circumstance may not exceed more than 350 pounds. In order to obtain a rare familiar wolves must go on a special quest in order to tame their creature as these larger animals do not come easily. These powerful familiars take on challengers to deem if their partner deserves them, in order to tame your rare familiar successfully you must get them from 100 to 20 HP.

Familiar perks

  • Explorer: User can travel farther and more easily without tiring as quickly
  • Auditory perception: Increased hearing, user may be able to hear things up to 40 feet away. Wolves with Auditory perception can detect a wolf with Stealth
  • Viewpoint: Increased sight, user may be able to lock in on a target up to 2 miles away
  • Intimidation: Other wolves may have trouble holding the users gaze
  • Stealth: User may sneak into another thread undetected for up to 3 posts
  • Hardiness: User gains -3 damage for a single roll during hunting threads, legendary or otherwise
  • Swiftfoot: User is naturally light on their feet all the time
  • Nightvision: User can see at all times, even in pitch black
  • Thermal vision: User is able to perceive the infrared spectrum (i.e. temperature), allowing them to see temperature variations in objects and environment.
  • Camouflauge: User may blend in with their surroundings
  • Empathy: User will pick up on and feel the emotions of others
  • Beast slayer: User gains +5 damage for a single roll during hunting threads, legendary or otherwise
  • Quickness: User may have increased agility
  • Escape artist: User cannot be stopped from leaving an area for any given reason
  • Tracking: User has a better chance at locating a rare beast
  • Lie detector: User is able to know when someone is lying to them
  • Diplomacy: User needs one less wolf than standard to create a coven or organization

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