By your side...always

Familiars are small companions, they are extremely close with the wolf they attach to, and rarely leave their side once bonded. They become apart of each other, as if they are one in the same.
  • Each wolf (with the exception of Mundane), whether native or outsider is born with the right to a (one, or two that are two halves of a whole, if you have two they MUST be the same animal!) familiar, although it is more common for outsiders to be seen without familiars. While some wolves view them as demons, many view them as guardian angels. Familiars have many different purposes, most commonly known for their aid in the practice of magick, they also provide companionship, intel, etc.

  • Familiars may NOT interject during fights.

  • It is common knowledge within Nidria that familiars are not to be harmed, doing so is bad luck.

  • For the most part, familiars are to be no larger than your wolf, however without going on a rare familiar quest [located under quests in the Lorebook] we do not allow large predators [ie; big cats, extremely large birds of prey]

  • Familiars may be spectres, or even be placed into items to be carried with your character! Please note once this is done you may not revert them back to an animal companion and you may not speak to them in this form.

  • Familiars may not have their own account and are to be rp’d with your character in their posts

  • Please note, you may start with your character already having their familiar only if they are native to Nidria and older than 6 months of age! Outsiders & young pups must complete the quest!

  • Thanks to Nidria's fantasy based aspect, familiars do not have to look like regular animals! They can be any color, and have minor mutations so be creative! They may not however use magick

  • Familiars can talk and be understood by other wolves and familiars alike!

  • Familiars are not permitted to breed, and most of them have no interest in creating bonds with anyone other than their paired wolf.

  • Outsiders & wolves under 6 months of age must go on an IC quest for their familiar!

Familiar perks

  • Explorer: User can travel farther and more easily without tiring as quickly
  • Auditory perception: Increased hearing, user may be able to hear things up to 40 feet away. Wolves with Auditory perception can detect a wolf with Stealth
  • Viewpoint: Increased sight, user may be able to lock in on a target up to 2 miles away
  • Intimidation: Other wolves may have trouble holding the users gaze
  • Stealth: User may sneak into another thread undetected for up to 3 posts
  • Hardiness: User gains -3 damage for a single roll during hunting threads, legendary or otherwise
  • Swiftfoot: User is naturally light on their feet all the time
  • Nightvision: User can see at all times, even in pitch black
  • Thermal vision: User is able to perceive the infrared spectrum (i.e. temperature), allowing them to see temperature variations in objects and environment.
  • Camouflauge: User may blend in with their surroundings
  • Empathy: User will pick up on and feel the emotions of others
  • Beast slayer: User gains +5 damage for a single roll during hunting threads, legendary or otherwise
  • Quickness: User may have increased agility
  • Escape artist: User cannot be stopped from leaving an area for any given reason
  • Tracking: User has a better chance at locating a rare beast
  • Lie detector: User is able to know when someone is lying to them
  • Diplomacy: User needs one less wolf than standard to create a coven or organization

Animal grouping

Each familiar animal group comes with three different perks which players may choose from, you may only choose one within your animals classification.

  • Felidae (Felines) Nightvision, Stealth, Escape artist
  • Canidae (Canines) Stealth, Intimidation, Tracking
  • Reptilia (Reptiles) Camouflauge, Thermal vision, Diplomacy
  • Amphibia (Amphibians) Lie detector, Explorer, Camouflauge
  • Insecta (Insects) Quickness, Escape artist, Auditory perception
  • Rodentia (Rodents) Swiftfoot, Quickness, Empathy
  • Accipitres (Birds of prey) Diplomacy, Viewpoint, Quickness
  • Aves (Birds) Viewpoint, Intimidation, Nightvision
  • Ikhthýs (Fish) Lie detecor, Diplomacy, Beast slayer
  • Ungulata (Hooves mammals) Swiftfoot, Auditory perception, Hardiness
  • Marsupialia (Marsupials) Thermal vision, Empathy, Camoflauge
  • Chiroptera (Bats) Nightvison, Tracking, Auditory perception
  • Mustelidae (Carnivorous mammals including weasels, badgers, otters, ferrets, martens, minks, and wolverines) Intimidation, Tracking, Hardiness
  • Pinnipeds (Semi-aquatic mammals, ie; seals) Quickness, Beast slayer, Hardiness
  • Haplorhini (primate group that include tarsiers, apes and monkeys) Lie detector, Explorer, Empathy
  • Strepsirrhini (group of primates that includes lemurs, bushbabies, pottos and lorises) Explorer, Swiftfoot, Quickness

Familiar levels

While most of this is up to player interpretation, please be reasonable & do not abuse your gift if you're a lower level. Your familiar must be with you in order for the perks to work. Please make a clear not if you're using a familiar perk in a thread. To level up your familiar please post a request in the discord maint channel. If you do not post a request, you may miss out on obtaining your level up
  • Level 1 All familiars begin here, with their gift being brand new to them, familiars & the wolves their perk affects may find the abilities to be clumsy and often difficult to gain much benefit from at all
  • Level 2 50 posts. At level 2 you and your familiar are beginning to get a little bit of a handle on things, your perk may work for short periods of time, but is still spotty & difficult. Mistakes are often made
  • Level 3 75 posts. At level 3 you're really beginning to get a grasp of things, your perk works often and sometimes you can even feel the effects without having to conciously focus on using it
  • Level 4 100 posts. You're almost there, at level 4 you two are nearly professionals at this. Your perk works 90% of the time, often without needing concentration at all
  • Level 5 150 posts. You're a pro! You and your familiars bond is extremely strong & your perk works constantly & without fail for the most part. Although no one is perfect all the time and the occassional mistake may occur, it's rare

The Familiar quest

Obtaining a familiar at a young age or as an outsider may be done by a personal journey or quest. You may do the quest yourself in a single post, or request a staff member to randomely choose your familiar for you and give you small snippets of interaction with Arcana. If you'd like a staff member to do this, simple ask! Typically most wolves find their familiar between 6m - 1 year of age. But familiars may be obtained at any time through completing the quest. The quest goes as follows:
  • One day you find yourself slipping into dream like state/trance. You slip away from reality, waking up a dream like world where familiars live.

  • You are faced with a challenge of your choice where you may meet your familiar (mental, physical or magickal)

  • Once you complete your quest go ahead and fill out “Familiar application” in our discord Maintenance channel in order to have your quest approved by staff. Staff will reply to your thread with ’approved’ or ‘denied’. Once this is done, you are free to continue your thread.

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