Flora & Fauna

Flora, Fauna & The Environment

The environment & weather

Nidria's continent & environment is much like that of the pacific northwest, damp and often rainy with fresh greenery a lot of fresh bodies of water, with the exception of the eternally snowy north, Nidria is a vast environment with
  • Hottest Month July (85 °F avg)
  • Coldest Month December (35 °F avg)
  • Wettest Month November (120" avg)
  • Windiest Month March (8 mph avg)
  • Annual precip. 66" (per year)

Thread icons

All over Nidria you will find various icons located in the territory descriptions, each territory will have three of them upon the description page. These will give you a general concept of what the land entails, herbs, dangerous predators, prey, weather concerns & more!
  • Green - Lots of herbs
  • Red - Lots of predators
  • Orange - Lots of prey
  • Blue - Extreme weather
  • Gray - Barren
  • Purple - High magick
  • Yellow - Magick deadzone


Arcana, also known as the driving force behind Nidria is the account that handles all swps, random occurances, predator encounters, large game hunts, familiar encounters, natural disasters, illness & more! Anything that can happen to a character that is out of their control persay, is the work of Arcana.
  • No one is safe from Arcana
  • It can happen anywhere at anytime & to anyone.
  • When Arcana is brought into play it CANNOT be ignored, characters must respond to Arcana accordingly. This does NOT mean Arcana can powerplay your character, their fate is still in YOUR hands
  • Arcana damage rolls follow the same numbers and process as beast damage rolls
  • Arcana will ALWAYS be played fairly, Staff swear never to target or harass certain players or characters. (meaning no character will be repetitively attacked by Arcana) If targetting is suspected, please go to Centience immediately.

Flora & Fauna

For easy updating and access we have provided a google docs link with a list of all medicinal/poisonous herbs & wildlife found on Nidria. Their uses, and rarity included!
All the animals on Nidria, are proportioned to how big they'd be against real wolves & the predators & large prey alike are highly aggressive animals!

Medicinal herb list! (click!) | Toxic herb list! (click!) | Wildlife List (click!)

Large game hunting

Hunting for large game and predators will be played out just like combat, following the same system of accuracy & damage rolls, with groups of wolves vs a single animal (played by arcana). All rules apply, in order to kill the animal their HP must hit 0! In order to make them flee their HP must hit 30! Just like in combat, you will receive risk warnings at 30 & 20 HP, and just like combat you CAN die or recieve mutilation during a hunt if you choose to continue after these risk warnings.

Predator HP

Large game animals prey and predator may have rolls to determine how much hp they have, they may have only 60-100 HP if they are young, old, ill, weak or wounded. If a wolf is fighting a large game animal alone that has more than 100HP -60 HP off the animal automatically

Prey animalsLarge predators
1d4 for 50hp, 100hp 150hp or 200hp1d4 for 100hp, 150hp 200hp or 250hp
  • Predator animals will get an additional boost roll to their HP of another 1d4 which can add +25 +50 +75 or +100
  • Before a large animal attacks, we will determine how many wolves they will hit & who they will hit, by numbering each wolf according to posting order.

General Arcana damage rolls (Animals, weather, etc)

» 2/6 = 1 sided die1 sided die, guaranteed 10 damage
» 3/6 = 2 sided die2 sided die, 10 or 20 damage
» 4/6 = 3 sided die 3 sided die, 10, 20, or 30 damage
» 5/6 = 4 sided die4 sided die, 10, 20, 30, or 40 damage
» 6/6 = 5 sided die5 sided die, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 damage

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