Nidria Gods

Spirits, beasts, gods....

These are the legends, of course no one in Nidria truly knows if the stories are true or not. There must be a hundred different tales running loose, about how the animal which represents each affinity actually exists as a god or spirit within the land. But they remain just that....only tall tales, stories woven and passed down from generation to generation to lull young pups to sleep at night. It is said that there is a spirit beast running around for every affinity, taking the form of the respresenting animal, these are considered to be the affinities gods, the creators of Nidria, the very beings that gift the magick to the wolves who call this place home. They are how any spirit might be expected to look, see through and opaque, like a ghost of the past. And typically much, much larger then any other animal. But...no ones ever seen them. How do we know they even exist?

PLEASE REMEMBER: The gods have not been seen in generations. No one knows what happened to them or where they went, why they abandoned them.

....what do you believe?

Maui, The Fox of fire

Maui is what they call him, the great fox god of the fire affinity — and also the trickster. He is said to be the most cunning of the gods, legend says he often comes spewing riddles and even lies to the mortals. For what purpose no one knows, perhaps he gets amusement out of it, perhaps it is all just fun and games to him. To toy with the minds and hearts of those lesser than him. And he knows no boundaries, it is said he will do this even to his own children of fire. It is believed that it was Maui himself who put the heat of the sun in the sky, who warmed the dead cold earth and brought life to a once dying land. It is him who brought the fire and passion which burns through your veins, and it is he alone who created the flame.

Atlahua, The Turtle of water

Great, gentle god of the seas, god of the rain. Atlahua is said to be one of the most gentle and loving of the deities, especially to his own children of water. It is said that he controls all water upon Nidria, he makes the rain fall, his great flippers make the waves in the ocean. He makes the rivers flow, and the clouds gather. It is him, they say that one must turn to during time of drought. They say that when Nidria is dry and barren, it is because they have forgotten their kind and loving Atlahua. You have forgotten his gifts of life, for without him like each other, Nidria and the wolves themself would cease to exist. Some natives even believe he has the power of healing, and may perform rituals in his honor when themselves of their loved ones are ill or injured, asking him for his great healing strength.

Brahma, the Bear of earth

The great steadfast, strong and reliable Brahma. The god of the earth affinity, the stories say that it was Brahma himself who shaped the land, every mountain, every rolling hill, every tree all a product of him. When he walked the earth would bend to his will, much like the gift he gave to his children of earth. He is the security of the land, a promise of strength and stability. When the natives of Nidria are looking for strength they often turn to Brahma, asking for him the gift of courage, to borrow his power. But Brahma is said to be rather selfish when it comes to those that do not align with him. He protects his own first and foremost.

Notus, The Owl of air

Notus, the great owl of air. It is said that it is he who creates every wind current, his great wings flapping create the wind which moves the land. He creates the clouds, and the weather. That wise old owl, in story he is renowned for his intelligence, his wisdom. Some even say Notus knows all, that he holds a library of information within that great head of his. And he misses nothing. He knows all — sees all. Unlike his children Notus is not a free spirit, but a serious solemn individual, so intelligent that he cannot turn a blind eye to the darkness in the world. And he often looks down upon the mortals for their greed and selfishness. And they still ask for more. Turning to him for knowledge.

Thesan, the Stag of light

Thesan is the great stag of light, Maui may of made the sun warm, but it was Thesan who made it light up the dark world, it is Thesan who brings daylight and brings the sun back up over the horizon each morning. It is Thesan who put the stars and moon in the sky. Thesan gifted the mortals with their eyesight and perception of the world around them. He helped make them a reality they say. And so in times of darkness, when their judgement is clouded. The natives believe to turn to Thesan for guidance, to aid them, give them clarity. Some even say that the light at the end of the tunnel upon death is simply Thesan, taking you by the hand and guiding you into your next life.

Somnus, The Ram of darkness

The creator of nightfall, the creator of shadows, Somnus the great ram of darkness is the reason Nidria is able to fall into slumber each night. Working directly with Thesan, he brings nightfall upon the land. It is Somnus, they say who brings you dreams at night so you may not sleep in empty darkness. He created the shadow which walks beside you so you may never be alone. And the natives do in fact turn to him, as odd as that may sound. Some times we are required to do dark, ugly things, and Somnus is there to reassure us that we are not alone, that our reasons were just. And that our demons; are not so bad after all.

Eleutheria, The Horse of freedom

Eleutheria is the great horse of freedom, she who does not fall under the rule of any element, she commands only herself, and encourages her children to do the same. You are not weak she promises, let your differences be your strength. For it is when we break free of our chains that we can truly unlock our potential. It is said she is looked down upon by the other affinities, as she did not help shape the world, but the mortals, she shaped their free will, their freedom of choice.

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