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Welcome traveler... to a world of mischief, and magick.

The Setting

Our stories take place on a land wrapped in mystery and magick, hidden from outsiders by a heavy fog that encircles the land. Nidria is a vast and large chunk of land taking on characteristics similar to the pacific northwest, dominated by a large mountain range and vast forests, with plentiful rainfall and mild summers it has extremely lush and extensive foliage and is bordered with rocky, and cold shorelines. It is the land of Nidria itself that holds magick, for once an outsider steps foot upon the land they become blessed with a single elemental affinity.

View the map of Nidria.

The Natives vs The Outsiders

For the first time in history outsiders have begun to invade upon the Nidria land. For those that do know about its existence through hearsay and story — they know only of its mystery. Of gifts. Upon stepping into Nidria, most wolves are blessed with an affinity for a single element.


While Solanacaea is heavily inspired by pagan/wiccan beliefs it does not completely follow it, allowing the site & world to have its own twist. The owner is a Wiccan witch herself, so please be respectful & understanding that this site is not meant to follow Pagan or Wiccan exactly.

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