The Mundane

Tensions within Nidria originate from inside its walls. These special individuals are the only ones that live their lives without the use of magick to aid them. The Mundane believe themselves better than those ruled by the elements, taking on a knightly facade and many of them seek to purify or even eliminate the individuals cursed with magick. Their tactics and approaches may often be seen as unethical, immoral and to some...just plain wrong....but to the Mundane, they must compromise; sacrifice in order to achieve purity — to achieve peace. On top of their belief that the other affinities are cursed, evil individuals, the Mundane hold a lot of hatred within their hearts, the stories that have been passed down say that it was the other affinities, and their deities who eliminated the horses (their affinity animal) from the world, and killed Eleutheria as well. They are to blame for everything, they're the ones who wish to eliminate the Mundane from this world for their differences, for being ruled by none, for being who they are. Mundane.

The Order
The order is the group that carries through all of the goals of the Mundane, they are not a pack, nor a coven, but an organization — which holds numerous get togethers each year in order to carry out their duties. The order does have a sanctioned leader much like a pack might and other high ranking individuals with high responsibility, but the wolves of the Order do not live together. They are spread out through Nidria, and in many cases rather than giving their name when asked who they are, one might answer with "We are the Order".

Yearly traditions

Typically other Nidria natives will NOT participate in the following events. Mundane are very strict about exluding any wolves of magickal nature.

New world order (January 1st)

As the chill hovers over the land the Mundane prepare to celebrate the fresh start for the upcoming year, a time for families to reconnect and reflect on their achievements and memories of the past year. A time for packs to reform their rankings and set new goals for the year to come. This is also a time that lower ranking pack members have a chance to prove themselves. Duels are not uncommon during this event and are heavily encouraged.

During a Duel the reward of the winner will be determined by the leader or Alpha of the mundane packs, if the wolf seen as victorious is thought to have won fairly and shows the potential or gains the respect and preference of the Alpha the wolf may move up in ranking. Those few individuals found cheating or winning by sheer luck may be asked to duel once more, this provides training and entertainment during this celebratory time. Pups above the age of six months by the time the event comes to pass will be expected to participate in spars with wolves in their age group so the adults have an idea as to what rank would best suit the youngsters. Personal preference comes into play as well for what rank the young wolf was in hopes of obtaining.
  • Location: Founders grove
  • Activities of New world order: Duels, rank advancement, Story telling, etc
In the final hours of the new world, it is tradition for a feast to insue, Mundane of all families and packs can be found gathered around a large meal together eating, laughing, trading a tale or two with their neighbors. Old friendships and new young love in the air of parties all in hopes to start the year off right, the ways they wish to go it up to the wolf in question.

Remembrance (April 22nd)

This day the Mundane avenge the honor of their affinity animal the horse, driven to extinction due to overhunting of the strong creature. They believe that it was the other affinities hatred of the mundane that lead to their deity's untimely end. Remembrance is a time for the mundane to mourn, to tell great tales of when the horse ran freely across the lands, hooves thundering the earth in large herds. A dazzling sight to behold that was stripped by hatred. Often sacrifices are made, whether it be weapons stripped from magic-users or large meals burned to the heavens. Spilling the blood of the enemy is another tradition of honor, the blood of an innocent magic born child whelped within the year.

It is hoped that in the years to come the sacrifices made by the mundane will be enough to revive their fallen affinity, for the horse to canter the lands of Nidria once more.

  • Location: Founders grove
  • Activities of Remembrance: Story telling, Sacrifices & Hunting

Compromise for peace (July 25th)

In the heat of summer once a year, the Mundane call together all affinities to the far south in a land cursed and free from magick. Here they hold a very important council, where each of the other affinities must choose a single representative to stand trial against the Mundane in a one sided jury system. This is the Mundanes corrupt attempt at "compromise" for they will offer each affinity a single "gift" to be accepted or denied by the chosen representative, most of these gifts in the past have a tendency to be harmful, cruel and corrupt usually following along the lines as something opposite to their element that can weaken them, some kind of poison, or perhaps even sacrificing one of their own. Refusal of the offer results in nothing, and the next affinity will be asked to come up, but acceptance of the gift is said to hold value, but what that is the affinities may never know. For those which accept are forbidden from telling the others what the reward given for accepting the mundanes twisted offer was. But once one affinity accepts, the trial comes to an abrupt end, allowing only one to claim the secret prize. If an affinity is not to show entirely, meaning no one from a single affinity shows, they will be targetted and hunted as top priority, the pups of the affinity holding the most risk of slaughter. Not showing is of the utmost disrespect, and is not an option in the eyes of the horse.
  • Location: Founders grove
  • Activities of Compromise for peace: Jury trial held where the Mundane will offer each affinity a single (often times corrupt) gift, if denied nothing changes, but if accepted the entire affinity may be granted immunity from the Mundanes violent acts & slaughter until next summer...

Night of Catharsis (October 31st)

This Mundane event takes place on October 31st, in celebration of their hatred for the magical born demons that roam the earth these wolves strike in raid groups in hopes to capture magical creatures and burn them in sacrifice to the gods. They use this day as a cleansing, in hopes that by offering a magic soul to their gods that they will become hungry for more and wipe the land of any being of magic birth.

To protect their own innocents and should the Mundane will coat themselves in paints, hiding their faces in masks of mud, clay, or other colored saps and dirts to misshapen their faces, oils and blood from prey animals are to be rubbed over pelts to change their scents and make their identities unknown. It is believed that by hiding themselves the magic born will not be able to identify the wolves and seek revenge.

During this event Mundane will try to capture Magical creatures, mostly consisting of senile elderly or pups for they are far easier to capture. They may also acquire items and familiars to be burned as well.
  • Location: Founders grove primarily & all over Nidria
  • Activities of Night of catharsis: Sacrifices, Body painting, Raiding

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