The Magicka wolves

The Magicka is what they call themselves...witches, this includes all Affinities; Fox, Turtle, Owl, Bear, Stag & Ram, excluding ONLY the Horse — these wolves follow beliefs similar to Paganism, A polytheistic or pantheistic nature-worshipping religion. They come together under the common understanding of being highly spiritual & extremely close to nature. In general natives follow beliefs such as karma, the three fold rule, magick, the belief of many gods and so on. Of course all beliefs are different from one individual to the next. And while most may hold pure intent there is; like always — darkness within the confines of Nidria.

Yearly Traditions

Typically Mundane will NOT participate in the following events

Heimal (December 21st)

The days are growing colder; the nights — longer. The Ram and Owl affinities may find that their magic is stronger during this time, while the Stag and Fox affinities may feel weakened. Heimal is the longest night of the year. It is a time to come together, to seek shelter and warmth among the company of friends and family. It's a heavy burden to bear to spend Heimal alone, even the coldest of hearts tend to open their doors on this night to invite strangers of opposite to share a moment of peace. Typically covens may feast, and gather around fires to lure the fox of fire from his deep slumber and bring back the sun. Meat is gathered before Heimal to cook on fires as a delicacy, with roasted nuts and frozen berries also being common treats.
  • Plants of Heimal: Holly, Pine, Ivy, Evergreens, Thistle, Sage
  • Stones of Heimal: Ruby, Gold, Silver, Emerald, Diamond, Garnet
  • Colors of Heimal: Red, Green, Silver, Gold
  • Activities of Heimal: Stories, Exchanging gifts, Feasts, Songs, Hospitality

Vernal (March 21st)

From the deep slumber of the cold the world emerges with the promise of new life. The wolves of Nidria have survived the harsh winter and now find themselves in the midst of balance. The weather itself is still cold, residing on the very end of the coldest season, but it is beginning to change and warmer days will soon follow. During this time, the Turtle and Stag affinities may feel strengthened, and the Bear affinity may feel weakened. Magic displays are a common occurrence as the balance between light and dark is celebrated with festivals revolving around those that fall under the Stag affinity and those that fall under the Ram affinity, as well as rituals and performances dedicated to the sun and moon. Floral accessories are a common sight worn by the Stag affinity during this celebration to represent the life that sunlight brings, while bones and paint that resembles blood are usually worn by the Ram affinity to represent the moon and the darkness that typically accompanies death. While these two affinites are praised, all affinities are permitted to join the celebrations but are recommended to avoid sporting the same accessories so as not to disrupt the balance.
  • Plants of Vernal: Bluebell, Bloodroot, Dutch Crocus, Daisy, Dogwood, Primrose
  • Stones of Vernal: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Diamond, Emerald
  • Colors of Vernal: Blue, Red, Black, White
  • Activities of Vernal: Stories, Feasts, Magic Displays, Body Painting, Sparring

Tansum (June 21st)

The longest day and shortest night of the year on which the sun’s power is at its strongest. The Fox affinity may find that their magic has been noticeably strengthened on this day, while the magic of the Ram and Owl affinities may feel noticeably weakened. From this day forward, the sun will begin to set earlier each day until the turn of winter, and so the fertility that it brought throughout the season is celebrated. Ceremonies include the appraisal of newly born litters, the welcoming of all into their affinities, the appraisal of new rankings within hierarchies as well as achievements and growth, and the announcement and celebration of pregnancies that befall females. While these celebrations may typically take place within covens and packs, it is not unheard of that loners and outsiders also partake in the celebration of Tansum.
  • Plants of Tansum: Sunflower, Black-eyed Susan, Spiderflower, Lilac, Poppy, Lily
  • Stones of Tansum: Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone, Ruby, Peridot, Sardonx, Spinel
  • Colors of Tansum: Blue, Pink, Purple, Green
  • Activities of Tansum: Stories, Feasts, Rank Challenges, Breeding, Dancing

Lurid (September 21st)

Though temperatures may still be warm during the day, summer has come to an end. Foliage has already begun to change colors and fall from trees, and there is a chill during the night that follows the warmth of the day. This is the turning point where the days become shorter and the nights longer, with the moon’s power being at its strongest. The Bear affinity may feel that their magic has been strengthened, while the Owl and Ram affinities may feel weakened. Harvest festivals take place during which contests involving the retrieval of fruits and herbs arise, as well as hunts and the gatherings of medicinal ingredients. Animal pelts may be exchanged for food or ingredients, and accessories consist of pine cones and acorns. Familial ties are renewed and strengthened during these celebrations.
  • Plants of Lurid: Anemone, Aster, Bellflower, Celosia, Sage, Snakeroot
  • Stones of Lurid: Sapphire, Opal, Tourmaline, Citrine, Topaz
  • Colors of Lurid: Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown
  • Activities of Lurid: Stories, Feasts, Harvests, Ingredient Gathering, Concocting Medicines

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