Site rules

OOC Regulations


  • First and foremost have fun! Our number one priority here on Solanacaea is to enjoy yourself, this is meant to be your escape from reality

  • Be respectful, to both your fellow members & staff. We will maintain a drama free community. We will NOT tolerate bullying , harassment, or any type of discrimination including on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. If you have a problem with a member please contact a staff member immediately. If you have gripes, take it to PM.

  • We welcome all players 16+

  • Keep OOC and IC separate! Do not bring ooc knowledge into ic, gripes about ic happenings into ooc, etc etc! The acts of characters are not the acts of their players!


  • There is no character limit, your activity is on you, this means if staff suspect you are no longer playing a character actively we reserve the right to ask you to move to inactive until you're ready or able to dedicate more time to them.

  • We require you to have an OOC account and use it as your Master account! Which means all characters must be attached to your OOC account

  • We are a one account per character site (please have your characters first name as the account name)!

  • No copies of characters from media, movies, tv shows, etc. Being inspired is fine, but we do not accept blatant copies. NPC's may be used, but within reason, not all the time.


  • Theft will not be tolerated! If it is not yours, don’t touch it and do not bring it here! If you suspect any art theft, please inform staff immediately.

  • Avatars are 300 x 500 No larger or smaller! Thank you!

  • Tables! please use a percentage for table width so they fit screens of any size OR ensure they are small enough to not stretch

IC Regulations

Posting & Activity

  • You may use first-person or third-person narratives when writing in character. The narrative you use is entirely up to you! However we do ask that you not change narrative in the middle of a thread.

  • While we believe you should be able to RP however you prefer, we do highly encourage organic interactions, open threads & unexpected IC drama. (Please note this does not mean we allow killing another persons character, powerplaying, god modding or anything of the sort) However it does mean, we will not stop any appropriate plots simply because you do not like or agree with them. This includes adoptables, if you adopt a character out to someone else, we do not permit you to control what the player does with the character.

  • Be fair! No godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, etc. This also applies to characters, we do not allow perfect, all powerful or god-like characters, everyone must have flaws. (If you suspect anything stated above is occurring please contact staff)

  • If another player has granted you permission to power play please note this at the bottom of your post, so other members & staff alike are aware

  • Most things here on Sol are determined by various rolling systems, this is done to keep things fair & interesting! We are all about the writing here on Sol & the unexpected is a natural part of life and roleplay!

  • We require at least 200 words per post

  • Please mark threads appropriately! There are thread prefixes available for use when you are replying to or creating a thread.

  • Please maintain and respect a posting order, unless there is a legitimate reason to skip someone (such as a fight) don't do it.

  • We do not allow "Post comings" or unfinished posts. If they're seen they may be deleted

  • Typically we do not allow IC posts to be deleted, (since we like to keep IC realistic! IC happenings typically cannot be undone) However if you find yourself wishing to have an IC post deleted, you may put a request in under OOC maintenance in the discord for staff review

  • During hunts, SWPS, Random events, etc each player involved has 72 hours (three days) to respond once it is their turn. Not responding in this timeframe may result in being kicked from a hunting party or thread!


  • Solanacaea runs on real time! Which means 1 OOC year = 1 IC year. We follow the Pacific time zone.

  • We welcome & encourage liquid time! However it is up to you to keep track of your own timeline and threads!

  • While we have human artifacts here on Solanacaea, please keep in mind humans have never and will never exist here. There should be no mention of humans.

Mature Content

We are rated 3-1-2 on the RPG rating scale

  • Threads marked with “M” are visible to users 18+ these are the only places sexual content & violence may take place.

  • Swearing and mature language is permitted.

  • Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. In "M" threads ONLY!

  • All breeding and sexual content MUST fade to black! No exceptions.

  • Explicit violence is permitted. In "M" threads ONLY!

  • We do not allow the use or reference of drugs/alcohol on Sol. This includes characters acting inebriated due to natural herbs

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