Nidria History

December 1885 - The birth of Nidria

In the very beginning, Nidria was a land without wolves, and it knew not of their chaos or trauma's. It was instead, a lush paradise with all walks of life upon it that lived in harmony with one another. It was created and sustained by the gods, each one of them upholding a different piece to maintain balance.

February 1985 - Creation of the wolves

Over time, the gods began to grow hungry and restless, yearning for more, children of their own and thus the seven affinities were born introducing wolves into the land for the first time in history. Each affinity is hand crafted by the gods, made in their own vision.

July 1990 - The fog

Their creations were so perfect, so the gods knew they had to protect them from the dangers of the rest of the world; from outsiders. So that's just what they did, they created a magickal barrier, a blanket of thick fog which came to envelope the land of Nidria to hide it from sight & prevent those that were not born there from entering. But word of a magickal land still traveled.....

May 2000 - Peaceful beginnings

At first Nidria retained its peace, and all was well, the wolves of all affinities lived in harmony with one another. Everything was how it should be, but oh...the greed of the wolves could not be kept silent for long. For it was the Eluetheria who gave them free will and it was of this gift that the seed of chaos was birthed.

October 2005 - Tensions rise

The horse affinity was the first — they began to realize they were different, that they're unlike the other affinities, ruled by no element and gifted no magick. Despite their goddesses attempt to console them, promising they are not weak but unique in their differences, many of them began to grow angry, and bitter.

August 2009 The Order is created

The Mundanes hatred only grew and grew, they would hold speeches, recruiting others to their cause of this unfair lack of power and beauty. Eventually their growing tension and hatred resulted in the birth of The Order, an orginzation which began seeding the belief that the other affinities were the ones that were cursed, the ones that were evil. Their goal of ridding Nidria of the other affinities only spread, eventually reaching every Mundane in every corner of Nidria.

November 2010 - The horses are killed

The number of wild horses keeps slowly diminishing until they eventually become completely extinct. And with them Eleutheria disappears too, the Mundane believe the other affinities are to blame for this, it is their revenge for the Mundane acting against them. How else could it be explained? War is on the horizon.

January 2012 - War

With contiued growing tension the Mundane increase their hunts of the other wolves, creating gut wrenching traditions, they even begin sacrificing pups to ensure they cannot be raised into their enemies. Their beliefs are construed, becoming more and more twisted, these wolves honestly believe they are doing what's best. Eventually, war breaks out.

June 2016 - The gods abandonment

The rest of the gods slowly disappear near the end of the war, one by one they vanish from the lives of the Natives. Some believe it's because they are disappointed in their children, others believe they have abandoned them.

April 2017 - All is lost & the war is over

The end of the war brings nothing but turmoil and loss for everyone. And results in the fall and loss of all of Nidria's covens & organizations and the prior tensions still have not gone away. So what was this war for? Was it all for nothing? It solved nothing....

July 2019 - The fog lifts

With the disappearance of the gods, their protective blanket of fog lifts from Nidria and with it, outsiders are able to enter the land for the first time in history. Meanwhile the Natives of Nidria have nothing left to do but attempt to rebuild their fallen kingdoms.

June 2020 - Atlahua is found....

coming soon

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