Sweet dreams are made of this


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Virgil was never scared of the black forest, sure some thought it was creepy, even unnerving but he felt safe in the black woods, the close space and how little light there was made him feel protected, it always had been. Plus, it was incredibly difficult to run into someone here, the thick fog stopped most from entering, but it never stopped him. He knew his way around by now, and knew how to navigate it (with only a little trouble) but even know he was in one of his favorite spots, did he feel so...light headed. He felt it coming on as he had walked here, he summed it up to being thirsty, that didn’t work, then he assumed he was probably tired...yes that's it, he was just tired. 

Virgil settled by some tree roots covered in moss, shifting so he was nearly hidden in case someone came by. He’d only come there to think but now as he sat here he could feel even worse. His eyes felt so damn heavy. A quick nap wouldn’t hurt, right? He settled down, resting his head on his black and white paws and let the world fade to black.

Virgil started awake as he realized he couldn’t feel the bark or moss anymore. Quickly he realized he wasn’t even in the Black Forest anymore, in fact...was he anywhere? Virgil looked around him but there seemed to be..nothing. ‘I must be dreaming, the only explanation to all of this’ he thought, starting to pace around the area he had woken up in. "Hello?" 



y/o xsmall Male

Familiar quest

Jinxy has chosen to allow Arcana to randomly choose Virgils familiar!

Virgil has encountered a male Racoon dog! The rest of the details are up to you, in your next post please delve into Virgil meeting & communicating with his new familiar & their initial bonding. 



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