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Four y/o large Female

She had always been partial to the season that seemed everlasting here. Though a woman born in spring and wrapped in its essence, it was the season often attributed to change and death she felt more attuned with. Beneath what appeared like heavy paws leaves that should crunch to announce her passing made not a single sound. Their frail edges perhaps frayed by her passing - a tiny mark of her existence - yet indiscernible from the natural decay of their ilk. For a woman of her heft this seemed impossible. How could she move through the world as softly as she did? Was it the fact that the earth seemed to have wrapped her in it’s grace? That the strength of rock and the beauty of plants helped her to go unnoticed? No. Though the earthen woman bore the mark of one attuned to the stations beneath her feet it was other things that helped her to glide as she did, to walk as though she were among the dead herself. No sound to make, no mark to leave, to scent to find - truly she did not seem to exist. And yet she walked freely, openly among the white trunked trees top with golden leaves. It had been weeks since last she walked in the open as she did now. Sure there were silent paths and hidden shadows she could cling to as she so often did...but this place felt as though it deserved a better look than what she often granted to those she passed.

Under the boughs of earthly giants the sunlight grew dappled. Pouring in to reach the ground below and ultimately herself. In shadow she appeared the lush chocolate color that gave her the ability often blend with her surroundings far to well. While in the light the shimmering of green hues could be detected. Coming and going from sight at the whim of a muscle movement or the brush of a breeze against her thick coat. The air was chilled here, a welcomed freeling from the suffocating heat of summer - allowing her to feel less confined than she had for months prior. It was under the branches of a darker tree with lightly greened leaves that the dame pause. The autumn wind came rolling through the trees, rustling about to fill the void in her ears where before nothing gave way. Not even the song of passing birds. Observant eyes cast their gaze out among the trees, admiring the quiet tranquil of nature’s dance. One golden leaf fluttering to the floor below after another, only to be interrupted by the random thump of something nearby. Corpulent head turned to the source of the sound only to spy a large ruby apple lying on the ground now. Sapphire eyes turned upward to the branches where it must have fallen from only to be left in awe when a bloom appeared on the branch. Quickly walking through it’s life cycles before wilting and from it’s carapace forming a smaller green apple that only grew in size until another fully matured fruit sat in the place of the discarded one. ”How odd.” She mused to herself softly, allowing her gaze to linger for a short time.

The world here seemed to be in a constant state of peace. A sort of tranquil solace that for the earthen woman was difficult to come by. Already it had drawn her out of hiding. Invited her to walk openly among the wood and enjoy it’s quiet pleasures. Now it showed her secrets willingly. Maybe it wished her to share a secret in turn? To be honest...it was a little tempting. At least, until overhead a screaming crow took off as though to escape something. Instantly her attention was drawn to the direction the crow came from and a moment later the vibrations hit her. The slight tingling sensation that hummed through the ground and largely went unnoticed by most. But not by her. It came like the steady beat of a heart, foot falls of an unknown stranger approaching. It had been...months since the last time she permitted herself the joy of communing with another intelligent being. In that time she had traveled very far and these lands were new to her...Perhaps it best to seek the knowledge of someone more experienced if it was here she may end up remaining for a short time. Yes...a short time. She could never afford to remain in one place for too long. For no matter how far she walked she could never escape it. A hunter who dogged her every step. Yet that was no worse that the memories that plagued her. The guilt the wracked her very soul. How long had it been since she heard her name? So long now that it almost felt like a dream. Sapphire was gone now. All that remained was San. A wandering soul with no place to go but far to much to live for to lie down and die. The dangers the land here might pose were far more a problem if she continued blind than if she permitted herself to speak to a single stranger today. So the Living Ghost remained manifested in clear day. Unmistakable to the one who neared.


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