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1 y/o large Male

H e hadn't come to this place so much as he had stumbled into it chasing an auburn squirrel, which was promptly disguised once it found a nice orange tree just the same color as it. Once up high, it was so still he couldn't see it anymore in the orange, yellow, and brown leaves, and he got bored. The squirrel had been a good sport about it, though, hadn't even chattered at him angrily like they sometimes do once they get treed with no escape but his mouth. He'd left that tree on the outskirts of this autumn land an hour ago and had continued to venture in, exploring, smelling, marking interesting things. He found a patch of mushrooms that smelled suspiciously like cinnamon and mold, so he'd rolled in it to show someone later, but after he'd finished rolling, realized that he wasn't sure who he'd show it to. It made him feel home sick and lonely. He needed friends. He missed the company of others.

But being young and full of needs and new experiences, he didn't have time to dwell on feelings. He trailed the scent of strange clovers until he found them. He walked to a dozen trees with moss growing on one side. He saw a tree that was living inside another tree. He supposed plants did silly things sometimes by chance, just like him. He smelled apples and wandered in that direction until a new scent roused hunger and he followed his saliva to the remains of a corpse. A raven sat atop it, calmly pecking off some morsels from the bones, and the raven gave him a single, ear-peircing caw, as if to say 'Funny-lookin' four legs, this here is mine, no funny business.' It watched him as it chewed the piece from one side of the beak to the other, calmly observing him. He could see his reflection in those great big beady eyes and it freaked him out a bit. This bird seemed smart. Maybe smarter than he was.

He edged forwards to see what the bird had and it let out such a large, ear-splitting noise that he couldn't process what it meant, only that his brain felt as if it had been rattled around his skull from the sound-wave impact of it. He decided that's what the bird had meant by it. And thought no more on it, walking forwards to inspect his prize. There wasn't much left, but he could chew on the bones, perhaps extract a little more marrow. And he could smell it. It was an earthy smell, as if it belonged so deep underground in the moist, spicy damp where things liked to grow in the cold and quiet dark. 

His legs sprawled beneath him as he collapsed into laying position (bad posture), and began the dirty, time-consuming work of extracting nutrient from bone. As he worked at it, he observed raised dirt. Rustled leaves. And a hole very near the creature. He got up and inspected the hole. It smelled like the creature. He could dig at it a little but it quickly got deep. He could still smell the scent in the hole, in the tunnel, and if he listened closely, he could hear the slightest muffled sounds. Ah, there were more of them.

A good fourty feet away, he saw a brown head pop out of the ground with a long, pink nose. He didn't know what moles were, but he knew this creature was small, hiding, and looked nervous because it disappeared back the way it came as soon as he spotted it, therefore it must be food. It had to be another one of the bone he had been eating.

As yellow leaves swirled through the wind, rustling the fur around his hips, he trailed the scent, digging here and there, stopping to listen, scratching spots, and all other manner of a non-expert wolf at killing underground things. He did manage to spot a few others of them, but they disappeared quickly and didn't seem as big as the first one he had seen.

He imagined up an entire scenario as he worked. That the one he had first seen was the king of the underground, his brown dense coat his royal robe, and that he lamented when he saw his son, and his son's murderer (himself), gorging himself on his remains. He imagined that the king rallied up all the other troops to spy on him, gather intelligence, and begin to mount a trap whereby they would attack him with all manner of ... he had no idea. And then when he was dead, they would all return underground to their vast kingdom of castles and mushrooms and fairy unicorns.

He imagined. And he worked. And he was oblivious to much else. An elephant could have snuck up on him if it wanted. The smell of apple blossoms was ever at the back of his mind, and even though he didn't eat things that grew from plants, it made him feel hungry, and he worked all the harder to figure out where the mole tunnels were, and how to get to one of them.

Olu's passive power, Nullify, reduces all powers within 50ft. At 10ft, extreme reduction. Additionally, horse/mundane powers act strangely, but repeatably. 

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