[AW]  Little deerling


4 y/o small Female
Honey, Male Sugar glider
Branches soared past the young one at an alarming speed, what little leaves were left on them were swiftly blown off as Freya's wings crashed through them. Her head was tucked low so she would skim the top of it over the branches, her wings were much sturdier than the rest of her fragile body, they could easily take the hits. Seafoam gaze was locked on a scurrying rabbit below her, the little thing seemed oddly fast for being so small. She'd picked it up from across the forest and she was now in hot pursuit. 

Over the weeks she'd been with Isias she'd gained a little bit of weight back, the muscles in her legs were becoming more defined and her stumps were now neatly wrapped instead of their usual tarnished state. Her cheeks were filled out once more, defining themselves as no longer that of a sickly adolescent, but of a young lady growing into a woman, or growing as much as she would at least. She was quite near her full size as it stood currently. She didn't expect to become any larger. At last it seemed she broke through the trees, the rabbit fled into a more open area where Freya spotted a colorful blob in the snow, paying no mind to it she tucked her wings and dove down towards the ground, throwing her legs outwards at the last minute her talons made a grab for the rabbit...But unfortunately for her, one of her talons buried itself in the dirt, causing her small frame to lurch and tumble into the snow. She thankfully managed to wrap herself in her wings and land in a larger pile of the white substance to cushion her fall, though that didn't stop a stragled yelp from leaving her maw upon impact. Honey was safely tucked in the little pouch that hung from her neck, though he was shaking so bad she could feel it through the deer hide. 

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