[AW]  apple a day


4 y/o small Female
Honey, Male Sugar glider


As Freya landed she couldn't help but notice how the creature below her huddled against the base of the tree, wings shooting upwards in the attempt to cover himself. She'd never been on the opposing side during one of these episodes, it was so often she was the one cowering behind her wings, begging for mercy to a wolf that was merely passing by. The stench of a mundane came to her nose but she disregarded it to some extent, this little male would bring no harm to her, that much she knew. 

"Rat is sorry. No want red thing. You have."

So the wolf's name was Rat? Strange, but she was one to judge another wolf's characteristics. She spread her wings slightly as she spotted the red thing the wolf was talking about, an apple? 

"Need, help?" She asked, "I'donwan it." She mumbled, shrinking back into her self as her wings came open more, struggling she hopped a few branches down to the one that Rat had been trying to get to, slowly reaching out she grabbed the glimmering red fruit in her talon. Unbalanced she awkwardly flapped her wings until she managed to get down to the forest floor, a small 'oof' noise leaving her lips as she fell on her chest, using her wings she gave little hops occumpanied with flaps until she was withen reaching distance of the younger male, folding her wings against her sides she leaned on her stubs to extend one hind leg out to him, offering the apple with an awkward smile on her features. slowly waving one of her bandaged stumps to try and show him she meant no harm. 

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