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Her steps were lazy and somewhat dragging the ground if you really paid attention to how she walked. The lean woman kept to one constant pace as she made her way down the shoreline. Further along bay, you could hear the ever annoying barking sounds from sea lions. She paused, large chartreuse orbs scanning down toward them. A slight frown drifted across her face before she turned her attention back to the sand. "Now lets us see, the unseen." she mumbled to no one in particular as darkened nostrils flared to pick up scents. After a little bit longer, and maybe a little bit of backtracking she found what she was looking for.

Just between two fallen trees, eyes drifted upward for a moment. Then hillside above showed just the sides and tops of trees from the forest. With a quiet huff, she lowered her crown again, face disappearing along with a paw. Earth, was moved away easily before she came back up again. Sand slightly covered a portion of her face, but a nice chunk of meat could be seen. Most of it was dried already though. What was it? Such a silly question to ask. Sea Lion of course, but not from an adult. Oh no, you needed more than just wits to catch an adult. She settled for a pup instead.

Left pierced ear rotated slightly hearing a rather loud call. "Oi! Ya bird brained! Stop squawkin' so loud. Ya le' someone know we been here!" she snapped looking up seeing the familiar form amongst the nubilous sky. For a moment it circled her, before gliding down and landing along the tree before speaking. "Not if they be hearing you first." the cockatoo smiled and Neryssa snorted slinging some of the meat over her back. She lowered her head again but paused, "Ya try 'n fly wit dis meat, I'll be snappin' yer 'ings when I get ya." The male cockatoo turned his head away and she stared at him for a moment, eyes narrowing then continued to dig up more meat. Wings shuffled and before she could bring her head up quick enough, the bird had snatched the meat from her back and took to the air with some of it. "Meeko!" she snapped. "Once a thief, always a thief...once a thief, always a thief! Turned back, trust too much!" he seemed to almost chant as she darted across the sand after him.

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