[M]  Purge of the past [AW]


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Zendelrin Ragnulf;

Descending ambitions painted the world beneath the reapers paws a stark deep crimson. Each drop of blood contained the essence of their memories. Every part of Satchel’s soul was splattered across every inch of his body. The truth of his devastation and damnation was evident all over his being. He wore it like a fallen crown. Twisted, as it was it still meant that he had freed himself of the prison that had shackled his heart and consumed him in rage. It had felt so good to consume every part of him and to let it all just go. Back into the universe and delivered to his god.
Inferno eyes burned with his triumph, as the heart of his former lover remained secured within his jaws. Gore caked his nostrils and consumed his sense of smell in the actions of what had just transpired. However, the sounds of scavengers in the distance caught his attention. The Reaper still loomed in those smoldering ember eyes. They eerily turned ever so slowly towards the directions of two various sounds. Dark blood stained lips did twitch, as he possessively stood proud over Satchel’s consumed carcass. 
It was inevitable that so much carnage wouldn’t call to others. He was not the only cannibalistic wolf to walk this world. There were others that would be drawn to the scent of fallen wolf. However, this had been the kill of a century. The time it had taken him to groom Satchel into the perfect victim had taken so many years. To forage their cord that only he could sever had take skill and quite the manipulation tactics. The fact that he had infected him with his essence through such heavy seduction had made their final moments together all the more exquisite.
Displeasure filled him as the knowledge that he would need to release his trophy in order to speak hit him. Reluctantly he slowly pulled his head towards the ground. His jaws were careful not to puncture the heart as his muzzle touched the ground and he gingerly released Satchels heart. Immediately he placed his large paw over it and jealously guarded his trophy.
“It’s rude to stalk the shadows.” He said, the shadows around his limbs were steered with their master’s words. Their voices whispered around him in small hisses as they curled around the paw that held their trophy. If he wanted he could send them out, searching, for the males that cautiously observed the desecration of his former lover. The moment of remorse that had slipped free had been eradicated with the satisfaction that had consumed him the moment his heart had been ripped free from its fleshy prison. “It would be ill advised to remain unseen as I cannot guarantee my manners will be maintained in the current.. State that I am in.” he allowed the throat to fill the darkness around him. The hunt was always something he was willing to participate in and should the duo that remained hidden choose to stay that way, well, he had already enjoyed one body tonight, why not more.

"Zen speaking"

Art by Hyssie. Table by Centience

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