[E]  Spring is Life & Death


5 y/o xlarge Female
Ethio, Male Ocelot

With a scene like this, and if she was much younger, she would have felt too exposed. She preferred dense areas, being able to push her luck with small areas despite her size. But she had grown a liking to areas such as the one she resided in at the moment. With the new season, it brought more prey out of hiding for those that liked to hunt. It was a time to celebrate new life. Though you could not forget those that did not make it through the rough winter. Their sacrifice was never in vain. Briefly, she thought what would've happened had she not taken in Täni and her familiar. Would she have felt guilty? In a way, she doubted so. Angry at herself and the world, the woman would have probably thought she was doing the world a favor. Cruel thought, yet true.

The male bowed his head slightly before speaking his name. Ah, so he had manners? Something she hadn't run across in quite some time.  Then again, she somewhat preferred to stay away from others. The less they knew about her, the better. For her anyhow. Xena gave a curt nod before replying with "The pleasure is mine." Her greenish orbs shined in the darkness before she continued, "Xena Ka'lavi. But Xena is just fine. And this is Ethio."  Ethio continued to listen silently as Xena introduced them, at least the male didn't seem like he'd hurt anybody, if that was the case. Blue orbs slowly started to look over the male, noticing the golden strands then the crimson fabric, the feline let his curiosity start to surface and he moved closer.

"Are you a king, mister Aloysius?" he questioned curiously which earned him a small click of the tongue of a disapproving Xena. "You look like one. Especially with the mask and crown." he smirked innocently ignoring his larger familiar's gaze. Xena gave a small shake of her head, "I sincerely apologize for his impertinent question. He is younger than he seems."

" Xena Speaking" "Ethio Speaking"

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