[AW]  This Isn't trespassing. I didn't even touch land.


3 y/o medium Female
Her mind was so full of wonder and awe from the experience she just had. She had family! Not only that but he was huge! All her life she'd thought she was the only wolf alive and now she's learned there are thousands like her.. Well not completely like her but enough to say there were similar. She also believed she had no family and that her parents just left her to live on her own but that wasn't true either! He was just unconscious all this time. Slowly she maneuvered through the waves, her body gliding easily away from the island she'd just departed from. Part of her longed to return to him but she needed food and that was not something he could provide for her right now. 

Quietly she moved to the bottom of the sea her paws picked and sorting through different shells and odd looking rocks. Sometimes she'd open a shell and lick out the insides of it before tossing it back to the floor. Slowly she made her way up the sandy bottom till part of her back and fin was plain to see. The dorsal fin swaying in a "S" motion starting at the top and going down into the water to keep the water flowing over the top of her hidden gills. She felt a stream's compulsion start to push on her but she ignored it, the best the crabs sitting this this small water well. Taking one more step forward and fiddling with a spiny crustacean, her ears poked out of the surface and a sound caught her attention. It was the sound of something breathing and it sounded pretty close. Even slightly feeling the hot blast of air on her ears themselves. 

Winnie popped her head out of the water and stared into the face of the stranger her eyes trying focus on their face while water still ran over them. She took a good sniff and it was like nothing she'd ever smelt before. A weird smell, a strong one that reminded her of the red stuff the flowed through every creature. "Hello." She mumbled, something in her suddenly becoming extremely shy. 

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