[P]  Meetings Much Needed


7 y/o xlarge Male
Rhea, Female Gray fox
" it was always me and you; "

Dhara took in a long breath as he walked at Elle's side, unable to keep from letting his shoulder brush against her neck or lean down to feel the gentle rub of her antlers on his chin. It had been to long, to long since he'd had her close, to long since she held him at night or scratched just the right spot on his back where his vegetation met his skin. He even missed Atarah's soft buzzing, tugging at his ears if he didn't say the right thing. He knew that Rhea for one would be delighted at the return of her friend. More than anything he was happy to have her smile returned to him, someone to wake up to in the morning, close his eyes and wish to sleep again just to bask in the comfort and warmth of another pressed against him. Her soft snores that came in her deepest sleep, the little twitch of her nose while she dreamt. He missed it all, and now, it was returned to him in a blessing of the gods, she was a blessing. His cheeks grew hot at this thought and he sent a stream across he and Rhea's link that he would be home soon. 

"I um, I've been working on her English. It's not great but, it's better." He murmured, unable to keep his eyes off of her as the walked, save for the few times his antlers snagged on branches. Unable to focus on parting the trees as he usually did, though he guessed that his companion was to blame for that. He hummed as they walked, the path that was once dryer and crackled blooming a saturated green, responding eagerly to Dhara's happy tone. It had been so long since the leaves swayed to that of a joyous song. For the canary had no reason to sing without his love present. 

"You look beautiful déesse de la terre" He said softly, voice almost singsong as a blueberry grew on the small shrubbery wrapped round his antlers. "I-....don't know why I sa- no, your beautiful, thats why." He mumbled, almost to himself though loud enough for her to hear, it was true that he resorted to, talking to himself. In her absence. Just as a way to fill the silence. 
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