The Order


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The Order

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The Rules
✦ All members MUST be of the horse affinity. No exceptions. 
✦ Loyalty is of the utmost importance
✦ Killing another horse affinity, no matter the reason is forbidden 
✦ Relations with Magicka are forbidden, getting caught siding with the enemy will be considered treason & is punishable as the Patriarchs see fit. 
✦ Mundane may have offspring with Magicka (in fact this is encouraged) in order to produce more Mundane, however all pups that are born of Magicka blood must be culled immediately upon birth. The Patriarchs may ask for the Magicka parent to also be brought to them for sacrificing
✦ The Order does not take prisoners. 
✦ Coven meetings are mandatory, failing to attend will result in getting kicked 

Land claim: Founders Grove

Males: 7
Females: 4


The Patriarchs
The highest ranking position in the Order, the Patriarchs oversee everything, hold meetings, conduct battle strategies & handle all politics. These are The orders leaders, and represent the order for everything that it is. 

Maronite Patriarch: Anaru
Syriac Patriarch:

The Archbishops (2) 
The personal guard for the Patriarchs. Archbishops are expected to be highly active and should be expected to keep extremely close tabs on their assigned patriarch to ensure their safety due to the nature of their cause they understand their patriarchs could be in danger from magicka at any moment & can enter any thread their patriarch is in and vice versa

Archbishop Odin
Archbishop ---

The Cardinals (4) 
These is a place held for two different ranks within the order. The Advisors of the coven, respected individuals who's word is valued by the Patriarchs above all others. They will often call these individuals to private meetings to gain advice and insight on decisions regarding to coven, war efforts, political efforts and more. Expected to have a high activity level. The other rank that is held here is for that of the Patriarchs heir, or heirs 

Cardinal ---
Cardinal ---
Heir ---
Heir ---

The Executioners (2) 
Two special ranks held for those who carry out the execution of Magicka wolves, specifically during sacrifices or events, although they may be called upon at any time. This rank is to ensure the Patriarchs do not have to get their hands dirty, although Patriarchs may take over the executioners job at any point, or ask any member of the covern to perform the killing. 

Executioner Ialu
Executioner ---

Knights (unlimited) 
These wolves make up the orders army, and have dedicated their lives to combat and fighting for the orders cause. They know no other trade besides fighting, this is to ensure war is their focus. 

High knight --- (the knights leader)
Knight Savas
Knight Disaster
Knight ---
Knight ---

Bishops (unlimited) 
These wolves make up the orders medical team, and have dedicated their lives to ensuring the health and wellbeing of the coven. These wolves in their spare time may be required to babysit & teach the covens youth. 

High Bishop --- (the bishops leader)
Bishop ---
Bishop ---

Deacons (unlimited) 
These wolves make up the orders hunter-gatherers. They are not only expected to hunt and supply food for the order but also gather information & herbs, some wolves dedicate their lives to hunting, some to supplying the orders bishops and others to spying and gathering information. 

High Deacon--- (the bishops leader)
Deacon ---
Deacon ---

Pastors (unlimited) 
Elderly wolves who have earned their position of rest & peace through service, they're not longer required to provide a service for the order, but are often turned to for their wisdom

Pastor ---
Pastor ---

Ordinaries (unlimited) 
Everyday member or pups, although they must be training to become something more. Wolves are not permitted to become ordinaries permanently

Ordinary Rat
Ordinary Therion
Ordinary Ithena
Ordinary Ethos
Ordinary Fallyn
Ordinary Ora


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