[SWP]  Feel them crash upon your skin


y/o xsmall Male

Save Atlahua !

HP gained: 50
HP needed: 50

Tsunami on the bay!

With greed did the mighty storm wrap its interest around the beseeching cries of @Sage, sucking away what bit of power the wounded male had left before eagerly turning its wrath towards the further damaged @Skyfire. There seemed to be nothing left for either of them to give, and this only fueled the rage that bubbled in the water. With waves high and seafoam crashing upon the lessening shores, the thrashing of the depths seemed to grow stronger. Atlahua's calls echoed through the land, the sky, and sea, screeching out for the aid he wasn't getting quick enough.

Your wolves cannot ignore this and the only way to stop it is by donating together 100hp! Each post your character is actively pouring their magick (using their spells) into the storm is worth +10 toward Atlahua's health pool and -10 from your characters! Survive the storm AND aid the god! Altahua may cry in your wolf's head for help, guide them on what to do. 

Each round will consist of HP gained toward Atlahua and potential damage rolls from the storm. Time is not on your side, lingering about will only result in your character taking needless damage. 

This thread is open to all! Fourth round ends in one week! That's June 8th!


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