[P]  The Sun Will Rise


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He hadn’t snuck away, per se, he had just wandered off to get some breathing room. A lot had happened in the last few days and he felt like he was being suffocated by his own thoughts. Being around Rajani only made it harder to focus on anything else but the situation at hand and, quite frankly, Ghost just needed time to himself to take his mind off everything. He was too young to be plagued by thoughts of real and fake mothers, the ties of blood versus of the womb. The pup felt like he was just mentally running in circles at this point and had wandered away even before the sun kissed the horizon, leaving weeping willows behind in favor of a massive lake surrounded by deciduous and coniferous trees. At the water’s edge the small ivory pup rested, sprawled on a large rock as he watched small minnows dart about in the shallows.

His mind was blissfully empty, intrusive thoughts absent and headache inducing confusion put away for a time. Ghost was content to just let himself fully enjoy the current moment; the gentle swishing of the waters kissing the bottom of his perch, the soft singing of birds from the surrounding forest, the gentle breeze that played with his fur and danced about the waters surface to form mesmerizing ripples. Occasionally the winds would blow around his perked audits and the small pup would give a muffled giggle and roll of his eyes. He had let down his guard in the willows when Rajani had found him, he would not be foolish enough to make the same mistake twice: the winds that blew around the lake always returned to Ghost and whispered to him, they would warn him of approaching threats and company alike.

With a languid stretch, Ghost allowed a small paw to dip into the water. The minnows all scattered into deeper waters before slowly returning, some of them beginning to nibble at his toes. A happy smile pulled at Ghost’s lips and a relaxed sigh left him. Eventually this moment would end; Rajani would come searching for him or he would return to her once the sun was fully risen. But for now, he was at peace and Ghost would enjoy this newfound tranquility for as long as he could.


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