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The sleepy lull of eve was upon the traveling male; hardened feet once tender now craved for the peace of mind that was his own land. Away for days had he been from Founders Grove, off doing matters he probably had no business doing in the first place. Of course, he supposed it was alright if the Queen herself didn’t see any faults in it, and it seemed she certainly hadn’t. He couldn’t manage to get his thoughts off of her since they’d formed an agreement of sorts. There had been no solid answer, merely hours of close contact sealed in both of them muttering that fabled four-letter-word. Personally, he hadn’t expected her to say it, not only had she said it, the lovable oaf that was he had gotten her to say the phrase twice. Had the manipulator become manipulated? No, no, well… Maybe… But she liked it. Perhaps she’d never admit it to him, or herself fully, but those amber eyes of his missed nothing from her expressions. She was far too alluring to look away from anyway, and what made it even more satisfying was the fact she knew it to be true. "Hum, better get to it."

After walking a’many miles to plant his feet this close to home, there were parts of him that didn’t want to think this was a required stop. He wanted to push forward, keep going until he could finally throw his body onto the pelts he’d collected in his den, but there was something so enticing about snagging something he hadn’t yet obtained: those pretty coats that bounded by, likely thinking they were unscented by his sensitivity. He’d caught them frolicking behind him, their furs of ruddy brown and some of them, greyish black, frankly, he was beginning to feel a bit peckish anyway. Kill two birds with one stone, was it? He let a soft smirk coat his fine lips, hunkering down behind a grassy knoll to watch them emerge from their shallow dens. Although he’d seen a few now, there was one he had in mind for himself he hadn’t seen just yet. "Good things come to those who wait, I suppose it’s something I’ll just have to do." The accented man got comfortable, eyes slowly scanning for the silver fox he oh-so desired. @Arcana


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