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4 y/o large Female
Kemma, Female Albino Crow
A tugging on one of her braids woke her from her slumber, amber eyes cracking open to glare down her familiar who had hopped away to a safe distance to caw at her. "Honestly, I wasn't gone that long Astra. Wake up! The pale crow beat its wings and landed on one of the wolf's short horns and pecked at the top of her skull. The female yawned and shook the bird away, her eyes found the sun at its peak in the sky and she laughed. "Not gone long!? The sun has burned the morning away!  What did you find Kemma?" The painted wolf rose to hooved feet and shook herself from her sleep before stepping out from under the roots from which she chose to rest. Kemma flew once more to her usual perch on Astra's horns and pointed her wolf southeast. "Halali'i Lake is much closer than we thought.. I told you to go up river last night, not down." The wolf scoffed and moved into an effortless trot, not worried for tripping on the stray roots as she headed toward the lake. "We haven't been to the lake since the snows came. I know the north is safer but I wouldn't mind a swim before you drag me back up there." The familiar fell silent, knowing better than to argue with the young wolf about it- she had a hard winter followed by a slow spring and deserved to divulge a little bit.

It had taken most of the season, but Astra had finally rounded out. The sheen had returned to her coat, a soft water repelling oil coated her feathers making them iridescent in the midday sun as she moved further south. It wasn't long before she was could make out the large lake in the distance, the light reflecting off the surface of the water winked at her through the smattering of trees between them. With a yip, Astra took off running- her hooves thumping against the earth as her stride lengthened to eat up the distance remaining. She cleared the trees closest to the bank, her steps not faltering until she collected herself at the rocky shore and leapt forward over the lake. Her striped body broke the peaceful surface with a splash that filled the basin. Her head appeared above the waves she had made as she turned herself in a lazy circle and started back toward the shore, her long tail flicking along behind her. Kemma swooped over heard, muttering something about how long it will take her dreads and braids to dry but Astra couldn't be bothered with her nagging. The water was cool against her smooth fur, but the sun was warm on her face and back. The season was about to turn, the summer temperatures were starting creep up Nidira during the day but still plummeted in the chilly spring nights.

Midnight hooves hit lake bed and with a bit of awkward struggling to find solid footing, Astra clambered out of the lake onto the shore line. She shook the water from her coat and braided mane, the sunlight catching the many beads and rings making them shine in the dark strands of dripping hair. She whipped her thin tail around, spraying excess water from the blended dark blue and purple plume. Satisfied, she took a long drink from the lake and gazed around the lake. She wanted to lay out and allow the sun to dry her before moving off again... and some food wouldn't hurt. Astra walked off down the shore, scanning the bushes along the lake for the fruit bearing variety as well as keeping one eye on the lake beside her. With a rustle of feathers, her albino familiar landed on one of her horns once more and absently took to untangling some of Astra's dreads.

"Astra speaks"
"Kemma speaks"

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