[P]  Necklace of Rope


5 y/o medium Female

She had done everything she could to get to the meeting on time. Yet lady fortune had not had her back. Despite how hard she had tried to make it to the founding of the new Order, she had missed it. The pink pelt of Anaru disappearing had been barely seen while the rest of the pack staring at each other in confusion. She had not made it in time to see what had happened, discuss ranks, or have Anaru acknowledge her presence. It stung like a sharp needle in her heart; the shock of it rendering her stiff. So when everyone else turned away to disburse, she had stood and stared in disbelief, not ready to acknowledge that it was actually over... 

To stay in Founder's Grove would have been improper without Anaru's acknowledgement. No matter how her heart longed to remain, heavy paws had gone back to the Wash. At least until things had settled in the grove. The days had moved slowly, achingly. Time away from her home stung like an open sore, and the more time she spent away the rawer it became. When she felt the time was right, she had returned to the borders, seeking entrance. Yet it was discovered that Anaru had slipped away with Odin. It had taken everything in her not to scream. 

Again, she had wandered away. It was growing harder to be patient. After all the time she had spent alone, she yearned for home. It was a rabbit and she were starving. It was just within her grasp. A tip of her chin and she might clutch it in her fangs. Her heart ached to be with her old friends- even Fallyn. The time apart had given her temper time to soothe and all that was left was a deep, dark well of longing to be within the Order again. Her one desire.     

It was daylight now, though only a few hours away from sunset. A howl sounded for Anaru. For the third time, Venemtress had come calling. She stood at the border, heart pounding. The vines in her tail gave a low but sharp rattle as she stood anxiously waiting.   



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