On the Brink



8 y/o xlarge Male
© Siren

This monster I've created

Is bound to end up jaded

I can't quite seem to walk straight

With inhibitions slowing at a temporary rate

Sleep was so tempting to fall into, so nice to consider and give himself away. It was hard to keep his eyes open but somehow he did. It was painful though, all his nerves fried and broken and he was pretty sure he had a fractured skull. He was also fustrated about the attack, he did not know what and who was there, it was so new. But he understood the need to defend ones home and childern, he was once the proud defender. Oh how his pack would laugh at him, would look down and see nothing of the once proud king who ruled Lir'Morya with an iron fist. He was his fathers son but only in past shadow.

Those thoughts were even more painful than the fresh wounds on his body. It wasn;t until the sound of paws running to him did he move, a slight movement but enough to try and defend himself just in case. Are your attackers still here? They didn't follow you did they? The question brought a grim smile to his face and slowly he shook his head. >"No, I was not followed. And cowards they are." His voice was a deep rumble and he sighed heavily again, shifting his weight so he could lift his massive form into a sitting position.

He listened closely to the words and looked to the sky. >"Hello, Manny. My name is Rioga Alvar and I am not from these lands, but you can trust me. And I do not know who attacked me, but they do not have magic." He turned to fully face the other male and smiled ruefully.

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