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Though temperatures may still be warm during the day, summer has come to an end. Foliage has already begun to change colors and fall from trees, and there is a chill during the night that follows the warmth of the day. This is the turning point where the days become shorter and the nights longer, with the moon’s power being at its strongest. The Bear affinity may feel that their magic has been strengthened, while the Owl and Ram affinities may feel weakened. Harvest festivals take place during which contests involving the retrieval of fruits and herbs arise, as well as hunts and the gatherings of medicinal ingredients. Animal pelts may be exchanged for food or ingredients, and accessories consist of pine cones and acorns. Familial ties are renewed and strengthened during these celebrations.

Here a gather of magickal users begins in the redwood, a time for all wolves to come together and share in this harvest and celebrate the coming of Fall upon Nidria. 

Plants of Lurid: Anemone, Aster, Bellflower, Celosia, Sage, Snakeroot
Stones of Lurid: Sapphire, Opal, Tourmaline, Citrine, Topaz
Colors of Lurid: Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown
Activities of Lurid: Stories, Feasts, Harvests, Ingredient Gathering, Concocting Medicines

Remember NO mundane!! Mundane showing up to this event may risk crashing the event & causing a fight treading upon the other affinities sacred traditions! Enter at your own risk!

You may also begin your own lurid thread if you wish to do so, it does not have to just be here !



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Atarah, Female Hummingbird

Eyes of teal would slowly blink the sleep from them her head rested upon Dhara's paws and her body pressed close to him. Allowing the green and brown of their fur to mix together, her braid splayed out upon the earth a tangled mess inside in the den the pair shared deep in the giants forest. She sighed, reluctant to rise, only willing to stretch her paws, spreading her toes apart before settling back against him. A few more moments of lingering peace before the sunlight which was filtering through the maw of the den had to begun to pull at her consciousness.


How long had the sun been up for?! The woman reeled her head up quickly, blinking her eyes to push away the rest of the sleep which lingered upon them as her gaze quickly shot down to Dhara who was still essentially comatose beside her. Normally she'd be able to appreciate how peaceful he slumbered beside her, watching the gentle rise and fall of his chest, but she could only feel the rapid beating of her heart within her chest, and the panic which consumed her.

The girl rose, lifting herself from the floor which easily rose Atarah who was sleeping upon her. "Dhara!" she barked. "Dhara come on, wake up! I think we're late!" she prodded, pushing her antlers against his shoulder roughly to help rouse him. Not that she could move him very much, but the prodding had to be annoying. She huffed, finally able to raise the man from his deep slumber, but he was not as concerned as she was. "Come on! It's Lurid, let's go!" she wasted little time to pull ahead of him quickly weaving through the maze of sleeping giants. The morning hadn't been long upon them, but Elle couldn't imagine being late, she pictured everyone already there exchanging stories and gathering ingredients for the coming winter. She pinned her ears glancing back to ensure that Dhara was still trailing behind her, likely still trying to wipe the exhaustion from his body.

The redwood eventually came into view, its colors were a symbol of the coming season itself, forever trapped in a permanent embrace of autumn. She smiled, sighing as she moved to the clearing...only to find it...empty? No one was here yet?? Elle frowned, stopping in the clearing letting one ear curl back toward Dhara. "Oh....I guess we're the first ones here" she mused letting a guilty smile touch her lips. Whoops.

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Facilifer, Male Poodle moth
Vulpine, graceful and utterly silent... the nine-tailed vixen wove between the trees with the grace of the Gods. So rarely did Amaltheia abandon her swamps and mires for a drier climate but for Lurid She would make an exception. Facilifer hid near the shell of her ear, baptized in beautiful silken fur with naught but his eyes peering unto the world around him. He whispered of the terrain, the animals who surrounded them and of course any canines who swarmed ahead. Tiny and frail though her companion might be, he represented her eyes and thusly remained the square center of Amaltheia's twisted heart. A purr of praise was the only noise her monstrous frame made and it was silenced just as quickly. Facilifer knew he was adored, respected and cherished. Words between them were uneccesary.

Even without the guidance of her dearest friend, Amalethia knew they'd reached the Redwoods. The scent was rich, punctuated by a sharp sting that saw her huffing a bit in disgust. This was why she hated the lands further North. Her swamps might be filthy, but the smells were diluted and bitter, easier on the nares. The sweet, sharp scent of pine trees and redwood nearly made her eyes water and she growled softly at the taste they left upon her tongue. Taking a moment to adjust to this new environment, she slipped into the shadows and listened as eager paws slid across the grass and mud. A voice both innocent and pure trickled into the air and Facilifer teased her left ear of her appearance. 'Medium in build, stocky, small pronged and... mildly oblivious.' Despite herself, the description made the beginning of a Cheshire smile pull at the edges of her mouth. The day had hardly begun and already it was time to play.

"Aye, not de only ones in dis forest." Amaltheia's voice was an enchantment, a whimsical melodic tenor that poured from her throat like cool spring water on a wickedly hot day. She stepped away from the trees with feline grace, tails fanning out around her in an enticing display of writhing appendages while her useless eyes gleaned with curiosity. "Here for de festivities of Lurid or are ye just here to see me?" Shameless, Amaltheia's thick Cajun tones flirted with just about every creature that crossed her path, ah, but flattery was the worlds greatest commodity no?

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This land was so new, so strange and he was finding that strange things had been happening. For starters he moved across some water earlier and could have sworn it was deeper than it was, but he had been able to walk right across it. It was rather curious for the outsider, though he did know about the magic that was here he was sure it wasn’t something he had. Why would he have any magical powers he wasn’t from this land.

Sighing he shook his head gentle thinking about it as he walked. As he trotted along the sounds of voices drifted to his ears. These voices drew him towards them and when he finally found their owners he found his breath taken away. This land might have been strange, but what weirdness it had it made up for with its beautiful ladies. Eyes scanned over the one with nine tails for a moment. Noticing that she is blind when he looked at her face. Such a shame she lived in a world of darkness. Well he assumed she did but wasn’t completely sure as he had never been blind and didn’t plan to try it out. Next he looked over the lady with the antlers and smiled. Putting on a polite face he stepped out of the shadows and spoke in a charming voice. ”Hello m’ladies. The heavens must be quiet sad today for two angels have fallen from them.” He cooed as he came to a stop about two feet from them. ”I do apologize, but I couldn’t help but over heat and I find myself curious. Who is this Lurid?” He questions. He was a bit confused and didn’t realize yet that Lurid wasn’t a wolf. ”Oh I am Gaius by the way.” Remembering to finally give his name he went silent.



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Rhea, Female Gray fox
" it was always me and you; "

Dhara's snores came in quiet huffs as he curled around Elle. Large ebony nose wedged comfortably into her neck with his tail wrapped over her legs securely. It seemed as if things had returned to normal with the two, despite the occasional bashful glance toward the other. Their relationship had settled back into one of comfort and familiarity, one that he enjoyed because it meant he could hold her close as long as he wished. 


His body gave a finch when his namly was suddenly shouted, normally it was him that offered the first words of good morning, but this was far different from a gentle awakening call. Dhara gave out a grumbled, rolling lazily toward her, pawing at her leg as if asking her to come back to sleep. 

"Dhara come on, wake up! I think we're late!"

He gave out a deep chuckle when her antlers pushed into his shoulder, emerald eyes revealing themselves along with a yawn as he gave in and slowly stood up, stretching out his limbs trying to work out their stiffness. He was given no time by Elle storming past him into the forest. He gave a chuckle and started at an eased trot, his long limbs keeping up with her easily as they weaved through the woods. Dhara giving his gentle hums to apologies to the trees for his dearest brash behavior. They would whisper the happiness of Lurid to him, asking him to speak for them to the wolves in the meeting. He promised he would. And as they approached the familare veiw of red trees came to veiw he could only chuckle and brush against Elle gently as she realized they had been quite early. 

"Ah never change we lamb." He whispered, gently nipping her ear as he placed himself next to her, stretches his head high and offering a few notes of sweet song, the moss around his antlers and shoulders growing and spilling over their mounts, sprouts of brilliant white flowers bloomed along the foliage. The grass where he had stepped blossomed in multicolored wildflowers. He began a eased, noble walk around the clearing. His sweet song ringing in power throughout the field as the grass thickened and richened in its state of green, wildflowers grew more vibrant, their colors beautiful and fragrances flooding the scene in their sweet smell. As his song finished others had begun to join. 

"Good morning." He rumbled in announcement to the ones joining as he came back to Elle's side, letting his foreleg brush against her side as Rhea sleepily crawled over to the green female and started fussing over her hair, nudging the soft tuffs back into their places and placing a few of Dhara's white flowers into the loose part that spilled over the girl's forehead. 
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He stepped with purpose, footfalls pressing into his beloved. The air around him swirled, caressing strands of black, silver, and honey whilst lavender and gold eyes surveyed the path he took. It was here, his time... where strength pooled in his veins, chanting in the ancient tongue and echoing the past as easily as the present. This was when Gideon thrived. When the world lay before him, awaiting his command.

Gideon was familiar with the rituals and the draw they had on all of the individuals of this world. He, himself, was drawn like a fish to a lure. The tantalizing promise of communion and rejuvenation, of strength and hope, it wasn’t just him that heard it’s call nor felt it’s tender kiss. However...

Gideon had taken pause before coming to this place. While there was a familiarity to the world as it changed, he couldn’t quite shake the sensation that something was about to really change. That something was on its way and no one was quite ready for it. Why this sense nagged him was beyond him - but... his intuition had never failed him before, why should it now?

Shaking his head, allowing the motion to travel through his spine, Gideon tried to ignore it for now. The harvest was upon them and it would not do him any good to bring such... negativity to the circle.

Picking up pace, Gideon trotted forth on long, powerful legs. He was already late, he’d best not be all the more and miss the festivities altogether. After all, he’d been studying the ruins all year, he had new stories for this one!
After a short time, Gideon finally slowed his pace and caught his breath. His heart was racing from anticipation and exertion from the trip, but he’d finally made it. After a moment, the large male stepped into the clearing and took note of the different figures who’d also come. A green and blue hued wolf with a small hummingbird, a darker brown one with antlers, a neutral female who looked lean, and a multi-hued wolf with grey and red splashed with white. There were far less than he would have thought there to be but nonetheless, at least some had come. "Hello," he spoke to the group with a kind nod in each of their directions as he came towards them and settled around the center of the clearing. He placed one paw purposefully on the ground, reading the vibes of his beloved earth, feeling her heartbeat. The time was coming upon them, the time of the bear.



6 y/o large Male
Reeva, Female Cat

It wasn't that he particularly enjoyed celebrating the holidays, or that he was all that festive of a guy. But every year he dragged his adoptive brother with him to the event, and every year he came, if not kicking and screaming. There were two reasons the otherwise monosyllabic male did this: sentimentality, and easy marks. 

The first was almost reminiscent of the skulled male having a heart, but it was less "tradition" and more "ritual". Every year since Calix and his family (all of whom were now dead, sans Calix) had found the scarfaced, ombre'd male, they'd dragged both he and Calix to the festivities. Every year, it had been drilled into his (two) skulls that they should participate in nature's bounty, and the welcoming of Fall. Seeing as how his adoptive family had soon after met their untimely demise, a small part of him intended to keep with the traditions that had been ingrained into his very being over the course of several years.

The second reason was had less to do with good feelings and happy tidings and more to do with his chosen profession, naming, theft. Lurid brought together a great many different wolves from every affinity. It was a good time for the deer-skulled male to behold their different values as well as what they held of value. For proprietary reasons, of course. 

So, he dragged his brother Calix to the festival, knowing full well the purple hued male hated crowds, companies, celebrations, and in general other wolves. Usually he'd slip through the mingling crowd, servaying his options and getting a lay of the land. 

However, this year, something else was on his mind. Or rather, someone...

With a nudge to Calix they walked to the small gathering in the trees, his eyes darting to each wolf, taking them in and memorizing. He couldn't say he'd seen any of them before, but alas, Nidria was a big place. Not everyone chose to celebrate in the same place every year, after all.

“Sohvren Speaks” | Sohvren Thinks

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Illusions were tightly secured across the reapers features. The darkening aura that threatened to devour everything it touched was tightly fortified. The thinnest smile was forcibly plastered across his features as he followed towards the grounds where Lorid was held. It had felt like an eternity since he had participated in something other than his quest to find his worm like brother. He wondered who would come to participate in the festivals. The thoughts of Sonja began to conjure within his mind. He wondered if she would be there.
The sound of eager voices made him sure that he was approaching the correct location. It had been a long time since he had acquired a nice pelt. Perhaps it could be a nice gift to offer up to his wife to help ease the strife of his disappearance. He pushed the idea down, as the voices grew louder. One particular voice was familiar in its octave. He couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his features as he crossed into the opening.
His ember gaze fell roved over the gathering bodies.  Two wolves, adorned with beautiful antlers, were positioned with Lady Amaltheia. She had chosen to converse with them. Another approached them and his choice of wording drew a disapproving frown from the reapers lips. His ember eyes rolled in their sockets at his choice of wording but he remained silent. He was comfortable settling in the comforting shadows. His own curled around his limbs like small serpents that were attached to his body. They pushed and pulled at his existence and threatened to rip his physical body into shreds. He ignored his discomfort and continued to observe.
 Another male would come wandering into the area with a sense of eagerness. The taste of his aura suggested he belonged to the bear element. This was their time to shine while his own element was diluted. Still the reaper remained silent. Disappointment filled him, as he found no sign of Sonja. The day was still young and she could still find her way into the festivities at any time.
He settled his heavy frame down. He kept his aura at bay and maintained a neutral interest. He was curious what everyone would want to participate in. there were several things that could be done during Lurid. Perhaps he would follow a group that would collect the delicate stones or search for some herbs. Either way he was happy to assist in something. Even if Sonja didn’t come it was an opportunity for him to meet new wolves and find out if anyone knew where she was. It could also be an opportunity to begin forging relationships to help build is eventual empire.  

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Era, Female Ermine
© Remycune

Why did he have to come here? Was it really something that he had to endore again? He hated crowds, calix was far from social which was why he stayed up in the mountains. No one ever came up there, tho there had been a few that wandered up there. But he rarely had to deal with anyone. Purple ears flicked on his skull as he walked slowly behind the only friend he really had other then Era. Sohvren dragged him to this festival every year. For some stupid reason Sohv wanted to contiue to go even tho the family was gone. Calix was happy to stay where he was but it did mean something to his brother so he came most of the time he battled tooth and nail to come here but this time he decided to just come willingly this time. His ice blue eyes survaying the lands as he slowed his pace even more.

Era was happily pereched on the head of her companion looking around with a huge smile on her face. She knew where they were going and it was something she really enjoyed since she got to see other life forms. She could only handle being alone for so long, she liked the company of others. "Come on cal, you need to look a lil more happy" she spoke softly as she began to nibble on his ear. Calix growled some as he shook his head attempting to get her stop. "Hard to be happy about being around a bunch of other Era, You know damn well i hate others" his voice no more louder then a whisper as he took in a deep breath. The strong smell of others rushed his nose as he lowered his head down and pinned his ears back. Flames danced around the male as he dug his claws into the ground.

Blue flames raced up the legs of the male as he got even closer to the ground. Soon they settled down as he felt the touch of his brother. He smirked some as he lifted his head up slightly to where Era had a better view. But instead of staying with calix she jumped over and rested on the antlers of Sohv. At least this way she could see more wolves. Calix's ice blue eyes scanned over the other wolves. Some were rather interesting looking, he was sure that sohv would disppear into the crowd in search of whatever or who ever he was looking for while calix would just keep to himself and stay on the outskirts of the group just watching them. He would only socialize if he needed and as it was he wasnt needed to talk to any of these wolves

"Calix Speaking" "Era Speaking"

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11 m y/o small Female
© Nivaeria

I wasn’t sure how long it had been since Dhara had brought me to live with him and the other wolf...the wingless wolf...that he called Eileithyia. I wasn’t entirely sure of the nature of their relationship yet. Was she his master and he her servant? Had I been brought back to be yet another servant? But if that were the case, then how come he and her seemed...close? I didn’t understand it at all. They even slept side by side, much like they had done the previous night while I cautiously slept a distance away like I had done since arriving. Today however was different. Today, Eileithyia was loud and excited like she seemed to always be, but soon upon waking up my teal eyes watched as she started to speed off somewhere while practically dragging Dhara away with her.

So of course I followed along.

Curiosity was a constant nagging companion of mine as I followed and watched from afar once they stopped. I wasn’t even sure of where we were but eventually others began to show up after Dhara seemed to somehow make the land grow. How he seemed to do that I wasn’t entirely sure just like how I wasn’t sure about how those rock like things seemed to grow out of the ground when I first met Eileithyia. But upon seeing the others - which were also all wingless - I hugged behind one of the tall things that seemed to litter this world above ground even tighter.

When none of them seemed to bother speaking with Dhara, it made me believe more that Dhara was some sort of servant. Had Eileithyia come here to this gathering of wingless to send me off to be a servant to another? Was that how it worked here on the surface? My heart raced within my little body as I hid a little bit in the distance - hoping that the other strange wingless wolves wouldn’t bother with me. If Dhara or Eileithyia were to look back towards me they would notice the uneasiness that clearly shone in my eyes. But since I didn’t even know or understand why we were even here in the first place, I wasn’t even sure if anybody was really able to be trusted. Time would only tell I guess so all I would do is wait and watch from afar in silence.

"Speech." 'Thoughts.'

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