The Living Ghost



Four y/o large Female
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<center><b><u>Fall Year One.</b></u></center>
Autumn Unending || Red Gate Wood || Dahlia || Active
Where Ghosts Walk || Blackwater River || Eileithyia || Active
Sea Of Trees || Giants Forest || Satchel || DNF
No Trail To Tred || Mara Wash || Da'onte ||DNF

<center><b><u>Winter Year One.</b></u></center>
Allergic to Pleasantries || Cherry Blossom Plantation || Olu || Active

<div style=" text-align:right; font-size:8px; font-family:TIMES NEW ROMAN;line-height:7px; letter-spacing:1px; opacity:.6;"><i>table by hybrid</i></div></center></div>

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