Queen with Ultraviolet Crown

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5 y/o xlarge Female
Lucien, Male Raven
It is home, so she's made it. Basking in the sunlight that's deemed everlasting. Having spent a day or two here with the sun still unwavering- it's light potent, making her aura intensely bright as it flowed around like a lotus. Lucien away, perched some feet aback as he preened himself. The tension dismissed as Astarte transmuted herself, and her energy into the light that shined so abundantly upon her. 

Lucien ought to give her space- after what had happened in the cherry blossom plain. Her anger sensible, as her own bonded familiar did not heed her call when she rang; the horned girl rather proving impatient but nonetheless, reasonable. She sat, both silent amongst the light that did nothing to bother Astarte, her orbits drinking the very rays as she stared into the center of the sun. The sunflowers surrounding her as she sighed, the scents pleasing and soon, purifying her aura field.

Her forgiveness flails as she spoke sternly and quickly aloud to Lucien. "I'm sorry I shouted." There is a pause before the raven replied. "It's alright. I should have been closer." Lucien knew better than to test her, Astarte's fiery temperament fickle while her passions sprouted before his vermillion stare. Unbeknownst to the raven of her darker, divine fate; that it would serve as a servant - the contrasting line between friendship and ownership thinning. 

Her powerhouse energy brewed. Astarte's tail laying long upon the terrain before she coiled it nearer, her shoulders relaxing as she stared forward, Lucien looking at her back still. He gave her time to recharge in the sunlight. Peaceful silence- the one thing Astarte needed.

“ Astarte “



7 y/o large Male
All he wanted was someone to take him home.

Far and long he had traversed upon his weary and dust stained paws. In search of what, he was still at a loss to fully explain. So much had happened these last few months, starting with his unexpected entanglement with Zen, and now most recently learning the truth of his own kind. The order was back, a flicker of doubt in himself as he processed it all. For as much as yearned to belong, to be part of something greater, he was still unclear if he deserved it or not.

This place was beautiful. Stopping to admire the flowers, he was careless enough to stir up a slumbering rabbit. Watching in fascination as it exploded into sight, he gave a short and terrible chase. After it was over, he decided to find a nice sunny spot and enjoy his afternoon meal. As he made his way further inland, something else caught his attention. The same exquisite beauty he had run into a few days earlier. Normally he was attracted to men, but given the right sort of attitude he could over look such things. A flicker of curiosity now, he made his way softly towards her.

Circling slowly around until he was in full view, he deposited the rabbit and lingered a few feet away. The thrill of loneliness ever present on his mind.

 “Lunch is on me.“ a small attempt at a smile, before glancing away. He never would of guessed he might actually want this. To not be so intent on devouring everything alive. A twist of the heartbeat, and once again he inhaled slow and steady.




5 y/o xlarge Female
Lucien, Male Raven
Boldly, the other appears. But Astarte is not surprised- Lucien having alarmed Astarte telepathically of the male's presence just seconds before it dared before her. Her orbs squint slightly, gaze assessing the ivory pelt of what she'd later call 'Milk'. His pasty coat needing a wash, she just assumed.

She moved not, appearing neither welcoming or runoff. Her snout twitching a single time as his musk mixed with the scent of prey. The male pauses, delivering a rabbit to her paws before stepping some space away. A gift? For her?

She stood easily, towering even over him slightly. Her horns glowing faintly with light as she stopped recharging; her lotus aura becoming invisible as she stared forward with orchid pink orbits. Ears tufted, erect as her tail whipped once. Lucien, by now, having came to a perch on her left shoulder.

The woman stood in silence, her blush face sleek and soft. Pink lips parted to offer a deep and rich voice, "Who are you, and why have you come to me?" Tone rigid, her orbs pressing as she noted it was a mundane. Her audits flickering once to fan off her previous irritation.

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