[P]  Curious


6 mo y/o xlarge Male


“Cause I'm living...living in the darkness”

A new home. The youth had already explored to the edges of the territory Calix had claimed, a sense of new found security should have accompanied their acceptance into the Coven….but it was lost for Lumos. Nightmares still plagued the boy, remembering the sounds and cries of pain and terror from pack mates and then parents. The silence that followed. He would never forget and he doubted the nightmares would ever end. He tried to be quiet about his nightmares, he didn’t like waking up Laxton though the male had been nothing but kind to him. 
Today, Lumos was exploring closer to the dens.  Most of the dens didn’t appear to be occupied, and thus, it was fun to explore. However, the scent of one den was particularly foul smelling. Lumos remembered the injured wolf at the meeting, albeit quite vaguely. Nervously, the pale pup would shift from side to side before clearing his throat. “Hello?” He called, voice quiet. If the sick wolf was sleeping he didn’t want to wake them. 


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