a fantasy wolf roleplay
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Fall, Year 1

Season changes: Dec, 21st
Forecast: Nidria has been swept into the full force of fall; leaves scatter the forest floors.
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November 9th • The God of the fire affinity, Maui the Fox, has appeared on the border of Lake Saari! Because this is not in coven lands, anyone may join to greet him.

October 23rd • New regulations for Mundane have been added via your vote! Please take a look in the affinities section of the guidebook to see the updates

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[P] A Break

Wolf belongs to the Kyriu Coven
Gender Male
Age 3y
Body xlarge
Ancestry Outsider
Familiar • Rieka - Female - Ocelot

Posts 16
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"Everyone has a purpose, everyone has a place."

Laxton's paws dragged on the ground as he walked, looking around.  He was trying to get some time alone.  Between joining the coven and adopting the pup to raise, he was beginning to feel overwhelmed.  His Ocelot familiar, Rieka, was following behind him.  Her bioluminescent spots were lighting up a small area around her as she walked slightly behind him, taking in the sights.

"Laxton, you need to take it easy.  You can't make Lumos grow up overnight, and Calix isn't like your previous pack leader, he's not going to freak out because you have to take a break every so often..." Reika began to plead with him, but the only response she got was a snarl and growl from him to be quiet.  He knew she was right, but that wouldn't stop him from being haunted by his past and trying not to repeat the "mistakes" his previous alpha told him he did.

He sighed as he realized he ws walking down hill into a small 'hollow'.  He'd not been exploring much since he'd joined the coven and so wasn't sure where he was.  But at least he could find his way back.  He decided to stop and begin to groom himself.  He was enjoying the peace and quiet.


Table by Centience. BG by Niv

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