dirty water, poison rain


5 y/o xlarge Male
Belial, Male Sheep

tellin' secrets to the heart thump, pledge allegiance to the blood pump
He'd come quite a ways from where he first entered this land of bountiful opportunity. Everything seemed so serene nearly everywhere he went. It was ripe for the taking, scenery of blissful and bountiful peace ready to be obliterated with chaos and dismay. He wanted to watch it bleed and break, wanted to see the guts of this place soil the very ground upon which he walked. There was so much power to be harnessed, and yet he felt it would all come to him in due time. The forest in which he entered now was plagued with gold and ruby leaves upon the bows of the trees, which wasn't out of the ordinary considering the season. If it had been any other time of year, he'd find it peculiar. But he was ignorant to the constant coloration of the trees here, and so it was no mystery as that's what was currently happening everywhere else he had ventured. He moved deeper and deeper into unknown places, but was clever enough to recall which ones he'd already navigated. Now he simply needed someone to place names to the locations. Once he could map out which territories bordered what, he'd be able to formulate a scheme. In the mean time, he simply continued his journey.

Thoughts of the ebony and crimson winged woman he'd ran into previously surfaced briefly, wondering if she'd be willing to describe some of the terrain. But he was doubtful, as she seemed to be from this place and had been all her life, according to his silver tongued questions during their last and only encounter. She'd spoken of intruders, newcomers to this place, whatever it was. And he had fooled her into thinking he wasn't one. He mused the idea of being clever enough to coax her into trusting him, to persuade her into telling him something about the forest of thin birches, at the very least. The spindly trees were plentiful, growing in largely expanded groves. The region was crisp with the scent of fruit and water, something that caused the burning thirst in the back of his throat to flare momentarily. He hadn't tasted blood in days. He could hear the softly resounding hum of his own heart in his chest, listening to it very briefly before casting his sense of hearing outward to seek the hearts of other animals.
"Speech." 'Others speak.'

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