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5 y/o medium Male
Ikhael, Male Spirit Fox
"Idiot, try again. Don't quit now," Fayre collapsed into the sand and let out a long drawn sigh. The rocks around him closing in on his malnourished frame casting horrendous shadows that danced out onto the water. In front of him, was a small pile of melting ice crystals, conjured up from the water that had soaked the beach. It was draining work to draw it out and then freeze it, leaving behind the ivory powder of unmoistened sand. Ikhael's tail lashed and his pupilless eyes narrowed. By far Fayre's biggest critic, he was set to make sure that the boy, young-man now, made something of himself in the name of Attahua. Giving his companion a pained expression, the wolf gazed out over the sea and allowed the familiar smell of sticky seaweed and fresh spray to wash over him. Ikhael merely shook his head and faded out back to the ethereal world which he inhabited.

Fay wasn't entirely sure why he had been chosen by someone such as Ikhael. But it was only through his harsh training and criticisms that he found himself growing stronger everyday. Even if that did mean foregoing without food for a few days... Just to get that last bit of magicka usage that would spawn when one was on the brink of desperation. As he sat up, he looked towards the setting sun as the moon and cool evening colours began to take its place. Night time was always his favourite time, even though it brought about cold Winter nights these days, it was still welcome. 

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