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10 y/o xlarge Male
Cinder & Saori, Male & Female Twin Squirrels

Cinder flicked his tail, squinting into the dark, a soft chittering came from behind. Flicking a slender audit the male grey squirrel, blinking the male snorted and the two scrambled down the branch to the trunk. Curled against the trees roots a massive male lay, landing on the wolfs body the two squirrels twitched their tails. "Did you see anything?"  Feeling his voice rumble under their paws the two looked at each other, "No, nothing that we could see." Snorting Vylserien sat up, the feel of claws sinking into his fur had him shuddering as he moved, the roll of his muscles. Lashing his tail the male twisted around and trotted pushing himself into a run he darted up a faint path of weak earth. Traveled countless times by other creatures, ones he has yet to come across and ones he would rather not. Slowing down he sniffed at the ground, lips drawn back into a grimace. Tucking his chin to his chest he licked his jaw, sneezing softly. Stilling he lifted his left paw and flexed his toes, growling he looked around. The feeling of eyes on him had him snarling, flicking an ear back he glanced over his shoulder. Watching him his familiars sighed softly, black bloods were very few. 

Digging his claws into the earth he dashed forward, pulling his legs under him as he ran up the little path. Jumping through some bushes, running up a small hill he huffed as he went. Passing through the trees he felt Cinder jump from his shoulder, the soft clicks of claws on the bark. Saori soon followed, running faster he bound his way up onto a fallen log his ear flicking. Lowering his muzzle he licked at his ankle, a rustling of branches had him glancing up slowly. Saori landed on his face, chuckling softly he turned his attention away.

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