Chaos rings: 3 for adoption



y/o xsmall Female
Please note the refs will need to be redone into wolves at some point, but for now these are what I got. All have more art.

Captain 5 year old summer born, large, outsider.

He is an interesting one. An outsider who was a pirate and ran a crew until one night he met Druid and fall in love. She was still grieving from the loss of her family and didn’t trust him. So he was unable to get her to live with him that night. He swore he’d be back though and now months later he has returned.

It is up to the adopter to decide what direction his path will take him.

(Drag and drop for full ref)
Barn Owlet 4 years old fall born, Medium, Native
Born to the Owlet family he is a native born who when born was bethroled to a daughter of the Angelic family who at the time of his birth wasn’t even born herself. That promise would later be known as Druid. Over the years the two got to know each other but due to a battle between the Angelic family and a family sworn to the Horse that promise wasn’t seen though. When he turned three it was thought that the whole Angelic family was killed.

That is the basic idea for him it is up to adopter to decided rather or not Barn even liked Druid, if his family got into the battle. If he found out Druid was alive (or they can cross paths again via rp). You are welcomed to make the Owlet family or even change the name of you want. Just please don’t change the affi from Owl/Air.

Lorielle 4 years old, Medium, Native

Lorielle is the daughter of a Bear/Owl couple. She and Druid met when they where young and have been friends ever since. Lorielle helped Druid heal after she escaped during the battle that killed her family.

Like the others the finer details are up to the adopter.

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