Days Of Midnight [Xena]


1 y/o medium Female
Finnegan, Male Fennec fox
Tani smiled as she looked up at her mother. Her tail swayed happily behind her as she placed her self even closer to her mother. She almost wrapped herself up in the female's legs, her tail curled around xena's legs. Tani closed her eyes as she burried herself into her mother. It wasnt after to long that tani finaly pulled herself from Xena. She looked up at the female and giggled some as she jumped nad placed her paws on the chest of Xena. “If I am your star then you are my sun“ she spoke as she smiled. If Xena hadnt have came around when she did then tani wouldnt have been around. Finnegan smiked some as he finally laid down on the ground ears swivled on his head as he laid there just watching the two wolves. He was glad that he had asked Xena for help when he spotted her near by. Tani had curled herself up into a ball in a log while he was out looking for food.

He was pretty sure that she only took them in beacuse of the feline that traveled with her. But either way he was greatful that she had decided to keep them both safe. Finn was sure that even tho Xena saved Tani he was sure that Tani saved Xena. Granted he knew that xena wouldnt speak of it outloud but he just knew by the way she acted now. Tani nuzzled her head into her mothers chest as she dropped down to the ground and looked up at the night sky. It was so pretty to see all the stars out and even the moon. Blue eyes looked back down to where finn was laying and she herself lowered her body down to the ground and placed her tail next to her. “Where are we going to call home?“ she asked as she lifted up her head and looked at her mother. They had been traveling since forever, it had been something that tani had wanted but knew that her mother didnt settle down for some reason.

Finn's ears perked forward as he heard tani ask where they where gonna call home. “Tani, home is not a place. But those who you hold close. You dont need a place to call home when you have family“ he spoke softly to her as he pushed himself up to be in a sitting postion.

“täni.“ “finnegan.“

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5 y/o xlarge Female
Ethio, Male Ocelot

She wrapped her wings around the young gal as she snuggled closer to her. No words could ever show the two wolves they loved each other. They had never been spoken by either of them, they weren't needed. The two females knew one another long enough to understand. As Täni moved back some she let her wings go back to resting at her sides and she blinked tilting her head as the younger wolf jumped up to place her paws at her chest before speaking. Xena couldn't help the smile that crossed her face. She had never been considered someone's sun. If she had ever been considered something, it was a spoiled princess.

A slight chuckle left her now remembering it being something her brother had called her but he meant no ill will by it. Ethio looked at the two before saying "What about me and Finn?!" Xena looked at the two smaller familiars before saying "You two as well. You're our moons." Ethio smiled seeming pleased with the answer before he playfully pawed at Finnegan saying "Ya hear that Finn, we're moons!" 

The woman left out a soft laugh now before hearing Täni ask about where they were going to call home. That was a good question. And one she didn't have a answer for. She had grown used to moving from land to land. Never really considered settling down somewhere because she didn't want to care about others too deeply to only have them leave. But she knew it was something the gal wanted...or at least experience in her life. Finnegan answered for her though, and he was right and yet so was Täni in her question. "I can't say that there are any packs of remembrance but I can say that if we run across other wouldn't be any harm in asking if they know any or in one."

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