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warning for minor swearing and gore, as well as probably too many errors

She only reached into the water for a drink, or at least that was what she had been aiming to do. The liquid seemed to turn black as she gazed into it, an inky abyss reflecting nothing but the stars. Against her better judgment, she walked into the 'water' as she was consumed by a trance-like state.

It felt like she was sinking, yet floating at the same time. She was encapsulated by the thick goo, struggling to find her way out. She held her breath, desperate for an escape as she tried the only thing she could think of, scrambling in a direction she assumed was up. With her eyes closed, the abyss seemed to go on forever, she didn't remember the river being so deep but she most definitely remembered that the water was nowhere near stagnant. Despite this the substance was unmoving, and although she didn't take in a breath it had an unmistakable stench when she had initially entered its clutch. Her body felt light, yet heavy, it was an uncomfortable feeling of which she yearned to escape. The was an indescribable force suddenly heaving the woman in what seemed to be upwards, and soon through closed eyes, she began to saw the red flashes of light.

Suddenly there was a gasp for air as she felt her head break above the gooey substance. Frantically she reached out in an attempt to find solid ground, before finally finding something that resembled a bank. She wasn't sure if she had her eyes open or closed, but it didn't seem to matter as she looked around. Her entire surrounding was pitch black, and it seemed that even she emitted no glow in this place. She wasn't sure what she was doing in a place like that, let alone how she had gotten there in the first place. From what little she could see she wasn't in the same place as before, but at the same time it seemed to be familiar.

She walked forwards, of course, she had no idea where forwards would lead her. She couldn't describe it, but there was a pull to that direction and she for one was not going to ignore it. The further forwards she walked, the more she seemed to uncover. In the darkness warm bursts of light began to form, highlighting a magnificent forest to each of her sides. However, as she looked ahead, the scenery seemed to stretch only a few meters in front of her. It was almost as if the land formed with each step she took, and in turn, disappeared behind her.

The lights grew more vibrant the further she walked, and it was magnificent. Plants and trees were decorated with magnificent patterns, each glowing in a variety of colours. There were movements in the flora, creatures of all kinds running within the magnificent habitat. There was chatter within the leaves, whispers laced with curiosity and excitement as Polereis felt dozens of eyes staring into her soul. The wind rustled the leaves and howled softly as it passed through the trees and rustled the woman's fur.

Then there was nothing. Suddenly just like that, all the sound stopped and all the lights quickly faded yet again leaving nothing but darkness. Even the wind grew quiet, and there was no longer that grounding sensation. The creatures in the forest stopped their chatter, and Polareis wasn't sure if it had gone quiet or if they had all disappeared in an instant. That feeling of being watched didn't leave, however, and was instead intensified as she felt like she was suddenly in the spotlight without any idea of what was going on. Polareis was frozen in her spot, not because she didn't want to move, but because there was almost something chaining her to the spot.

"My, my, my, how you have grown my dear." A voice in the darkness, eerily familiar to someone Polareis longed to forget. She played it off, there was no way they were here, the voice was just similar, that was all. "What no response?" There it was, the same voice, but closer, uncomfortably close. Reis' ear twitched, as she stood with her mind playing through all the possible scenarios. Had she died? Was this how she was going to die? "Perhaps this may help you." Whoever was speaking, managed to speak right inside of her mind, she wasn't even sure if the voice was real anymore. As she stared off into the darkness ahead of her she was filled with anxiety.

The light was emitted from the darkness again, but this time it was in front of her. As it drew closer it only grew in size, and soon it took a form that she was too familiar with. There was that sickening grin. Those bloodshot eyes. Those scars. A deep grown grew in Polareis' throat as she faced the horrifically disfigured wolf in front of her. Despite the fact he towered over her by a notable amount, it made no difference to Polareis. Lips drew back as the woman readied herself for whatever would come next. "YOU BASTARD!" She screamed as she lunged forward in an attempt to attack the figure in front of her. The wolf only dispersed and re-appeared behind the woman.

"Now, now." The wolf chuckled softly, causing Polareis to whip around to face it once again. "Is that any way to respect your savior?" The wolf stood no more than a centimeter away from Polareis now, head bowed down to lock eyes with the female. ”You killed a child! You are no savior. You deserve to be rotting in the pits of hell.” She spat, she wasn’t sure what plane of reality she had to be in for any of this to be happening. The last she saw of the thing in front of her was when her parents had given him a burial by no means worthy for someone of his alignment.

This man had been worship as a hero, and she was the scapegoat. For too long she had stood by and watched his wrongdoings, casting them aside as she was blinded by her desire to follow in his footsteps. Yet that day, watching that poor pup struggling in his grasp, hearing the cries, she could no longer be complicit. That didn’t matter though. They had both returned covered in cuts and scratches, coated in blood, with Reis holding the poor lifeless pup in her jaws. As she laid down the pup to rest in front of his mother she was attacked with assumptions and cruelty. It was her word against his, and how foolish had she been to believe they would believe her over their precious knight.

In the forest, she could hear their words echoing through the leaves. The cruel names and curses placed upon her, and worst of all she could feel the silence. ”After all that time and they still didn’t believe you. Although I can’t say I’m not surprised,” The man circled her as slowly more figures came to light, ”after all, you are a murderer.”

Every single one of them, she recognised each wolf that had come into view. There were twelve, twelve dead bodies that she could not seem to render, they all seemed so alive in the space before her. Then there was a thirteenth, she hadn’t seen him at first, but slowly he crawled forward. The pup. Staring directly inter her eyes, with nothing but a look of fear and betrayal.

"No," at first her voice was small, "no, no, no, no, NO!" but it quickly grew into an unbearable screech.

She took her time to look into each wolf's eyes. All twelve of them. Each time, memories flooded her senses. She was witnessing the murders, and it looked as if she was the culprit. Despite so vividly remembering watching the man in front of her slaughter each of these wolves, these memories were twisted and painting the picture in a very different light.

There were seven women in front of her, five men, and that small unsuspecting boy. Each glared at her, and it was not even a second before they had all started chanting. "Murderer. Murderer. Murderer." Each dead voice accused her of something she used to be so sure that she was not. Each dead voice merged into one as the world seem to spin around her. Had that night decided her faith? Had the labels that were placed on her so quickly as she buried that small pup grown into a prophecy? Was she truly the murderer that everyone said she was.

She looked at him, the monster she had grown to know, staring him dead in those glowing, bloodshot eyes. ”Do you remember? Do you remember how you killed me? Tore my soul from my body and forever sent me to sit in hell?” He questioned, he now stood confidently looking down on the lady and every other wolf in the area. She could do nothing but nod. She remembered. It was slow, she remembered that.

She remembered pulling him from his den, the moon was still high and most of the pack had been peacefully asleep. Then it changed, she had snapped. She remembered catching him off guard, he had still been injured from their fight over the pup, they both were. She still didn't know how she managed to finally put him to his death. It seemed like a blur, a long and tiresome blur. The last thing she remembered was standing over him, blood splattered on the hard forest grounds as they both breathed heavily. Then it seemed to go black, her next memories of her being cast out for all those crimes she had not committed.

She looked the man in the eyes, she was exhausted. Never before had anything caused such a mental drain on her. "I remember. I am not a murderer," she said, glancing at the wolves behind her. Quickly the memories flashed again, slowly this time, but from another perspective. "I did what had to be done to save the ones that I care about." More memories, this time slower, and they grew clearer. "Even if they think of me as a murderer, it is better off than letting you pick them off one by one." The memories showed the murders, but they were clear now. She knows had no doubt in her mind, that she knew what had happened.

There she was, once again watching him tear the pup to pieces and doing nothing to intervene. Then there were the women, one by one she watched the man shred them to bits and cast them aside as nothing but a plaything. Lastly, the men, who had put up a fight that came to see them no good. They too moved down and killed for nothing but pleasure.

"You are a sick piece of shit, and there is nothing I enjoyed more than watching your blood soak into the mud as your soul left your body. You deserved nothing but a slow and painful death. There is nothing that could ever avenge what you had done."

As she spoke the thirteen bodies, seemed to shrink and melt back into the darkness. Once again she had found herself face to face with the only other monster in sight. "Don't lie to me, child. You know what you did." Bloodshot eyes now filled with anger, and the man stood proud above Reis. His teeth were bared, and she raised her lips to match.

It was with those words that it clicked within Polareis' mind. There was nothing she could say that would prompt a different response, she could either know within herself that she was not guilty, or she could grow into the monster that the others wish to mould her into. "There is no salvation for a murderer." He spat, and she could see that he was ready to attack at any moment.

"There may be no salvation, but their blood was not spilt by me." She said softly. She was staring down the barrel of a gun, and it went off. He lunged forward, a hearty growl erupting from his throat forming nothing but one word, "LIES!" Polaries stood there, she did not move and nor did she shut her eyes. She stared down his jaws and watched as they slammed shut right before her face.

Then he was gone and she was left there, staring into nothing but the dark abyss.


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Quest approved!


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