[SWP] saut dans le vide


3 y/o medium Female
Winnie couldn't help herself and bright excitement filled her chest. She had never seen this many wolves in one place at once nor with bright colors on them. She wiggled around in the water taking in the entire scene. They were everywhere and something seemed to be guiding them all along their dangerous journey. She thought back to the force she had easily dismissed and wondered if she could still feel it. Her concentration easily distracted when he other wolf answered her question she had totally forgotten about. He didn't know. Which wasn't helpful but it would have to do for now. Easily she dipped under the water when the more rough waves took the surface, her body built to take on whatever the ocean brought her way. Her tail began to act like a rudder, pushing her body forward to keep up with the drifting party. "I don't understand but that is okie." She mused to the wolf next to her right before another wolf fell out of the sky. Her brow furrowed with confusion that was very evident on her face. "How in the ocean.." She mumbled almost under her breathe. Her head turning to see the beach continue to fall out of vision but still seeing the decent distance they were away from it. How could she have fallen from the sky like that? She shook her head and bobbed under. She noticed the ocean becoming almost too murky to see through but a light in front of them showed her that the first wolf was an alright swimmer. She even thought she might have seen a pair of gills in the murkiness but she was only guessing. 

Her attention was brought back to the wolf beside her as he seemed to be struggling hard with the water all around him. "Are you gonna be alright.. I don't think that one can swim.." She pointed with her tail. Unbeknowing to her that speaking underwater was pretty much garble and he wouldn't understand a word she said. She took his eyes peering off in the distant towards the winged wolf as an indicator that he would be alright and headed off to see the other one. Her body almost as fluid as the water itself, her fin diving through the waves, splitting them like a knife for her to swim through. She made it to the other wolf just in time for her to be sucked under also. The black and red combination in this wolf's pelt made her eyes sparkle and shiny with a bubbling excitement. She seemed to be swimming toward the glowing light she had seen under the water earlier. Winnie poked her head out of the water and saw the cause for the scream. It looked like her large feathered limb was falling off. "Does that hurt?" Winnie yelled over the roaring of the ocean and pointed to the wing with her nose. "Here let me help you." Her voice was happy and bright compared to the entire situation. 

Slowly she ducked back under that water and took in a deep breathe of what looked like water. Her chest swelling to about twice the normal size almost to the point where it looked like it would burst. Then she focused her lips forward and blew out a were filmy looking circle. The circle pushing all the water aside and consuming the red wolf inside of it. The bubble itself seemed very warm on the inside, just the perfect temperature to snooze in. The pressure of the air inside also seemed to be elevated and made it harder to move each muscle of the wolf inside of it. The bubble held well though and the waves drew over it without popping the thing. Only problem seemed to be that the bubble was beginning to sink very rapidly. "Better?" She smiled though the word didn't reach the wolf's ears because sound doesn't travel through water. Winnie seemed to attach herself to the bubble from the outside. Gently laying her paws on it as they both seemed to sink to the bottom of the ocean with happy smile on her lips. 

Ooc: I underlined the actual power.

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